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Jan Doerr obtained a B.A. level in Sociology/Secondary Education from the University of New Hampshire, and also invested a lengthy career in the legal profession while relooking her family members history. She has freshly written and also publiburned short articles for WBUR.org’s Cognoscenti blog: “Labor of Love: Preserving a 226-Year-Old Family Home and also Preparing to Let It Go” and “The Value of Family Heirlooms in a Digital Age.” Jan presently lives through her attorney husband also in Augusta, Maine, where she serves two Siamese cats and also spends all her retirement money propping up a really old house.View all posts by Jan Doerr →

Sylthrough Burnside says:

I remember distinctly that the stairs to my old residence in Wollaston, Massachusetts had 17 stairs that creaked one after the other as if someone was coming up the stairs…scared me half to fatality, till I gained offered to that sound. You have put into words the descriptions of the things that “haunt” your old residence, and also it is a beautiful point that you still live there. My old residence was torn down to make means for apartments, as the city of Quincy, Massachusetts had “too many kind of historical houses” to take just another.

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Joanna says:

I when lived on the second floor of an older residence that had actually been built as a two-household house, through the upstairs apartment associated to the downstairs via an open up stairmethod, which might be closed off if the downstairs residents weren’t friendly via those upstairs. That stairaway additionally separation partmeans dvery own so that the upstairs inhabitants had access to their own outside front door dvery own a longer collection of stairs. But the a lot of distinct part of the house was the attic that went throughout the entire length of the residence, via a fully finimelted timber floor and 8-ft ceiling dvery own the facility.

The downstairs people occurred to be a pair I liked and also had recognized for years. The husband had installed a tanning bed in the attic, accessed by yet an additional set of fully finished stairs (with a landing halfway up) from the hallway connected to my living room by a wide, open archmethod. I constantly maintained the door at the bottom closed; open up it would block the doormeans to my infant daughter’s room. Several times as soon as the couple downstairs were both at job-related, I’d hear adult-wearing-shoes footactions cross the attic, come down the stairs, then sheight at the bottom, where the “person” would politely knock on “his” side of the door. Tap-tap-tap…pause…tap-tap-tap. Of course, I’d never before open the door, and also quickly, the footactions would certainly reverse ago up the stairs and also cross the attic to wherever.

One afternoon an acquaintance I wasn’t especially fond of had actually dropped in uninvited (again), the kind that just leaves as soon as she’s all set and not prior to. We were in the living room having actually coffee once the Attic Ghold – maybe to “rescue” me? – determined to take a stroll. Then knock on the door, however I remained sitting on the sofa. “Who’s that?”, Visitor asked. “Nobody stays upstairs, right?”. Seconds after I calmly responded, “Oh, that’s just the ghold in the attic”, the womale had actually grabbed her purse and also shot out the earlier door, never to darken my door aget.

Was never certain the ghold in the attic was the same one who’d turn on the blender at 3 a.m. Unplugging the blender prior to I went to bed wasn’t a deterrent, nor was disassembling it and also hiding the miscellaneous components in various areas in the kitchen. At 3 a.m., I’d be awoken to “whirr, whirr, wrhirrrrrrrrr”, and also go right into the kitchen to find the blender totally re-assembled and plugged in. Always empty, of course. I learned to just sleep via it, as did my daughter. Every currently and also then, there’d be a “light show” in the evening – a ceiling light going off, then coming on aget several times, but reportedly that didn’t organize the fascination of the whirring blender in the wee hrs.

That wasn’t the last apartment in an old house I stayed in that was haunted, yet the just one through a “polite” gorganize and perhaps an additional through a fascicountry with blenders!