HBO lastly unveiled the poster for Video Game of Thrones seachild 7 today! The essential art for the new seachild leaves no doubt that petty family battles have been cast aside; tright here is just the Great War currently, via the Night King staring us all down as winter arrives.

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In enhancement to the continual poster, HBO has actually created an unsettling moving version of the poster:

#GoTS7 starts 7.16 on
GameOfThrones) May 23, 2017

What perform you all think of the seachild 7 poster? I love the picture of the Night King, and I think it’s a smart speak to. I disfavor the display using the “GOT” abbreviation on main posterwork-related, yet that’s my own pet peeve, and doesn’t store me from loving the overall impact here.

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Game of Thrones finds a new quicker pace… yet NOT because of the shorter seachild 7?
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