The Ice King cometh! Now that the entire Fortnite map is spanned in ice and snow, the Ice King continues to be the star of each week’s Snowfall loading screen, which occasionally leads to a mystery fight star. Week 7 proved him on his throne, and for Week 8 we see him actively summoning the ice storm.

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Week 8 started Thursday morning and also for anyone looking to hunt dvery own the trick Snowfall banner, we’ve acquired all the information appropriate here, including a video guide from YouTuber garandhero. (Be sure to inspect out his YouTube web page for also more Fortnite videos).

Once players complete all seven Week 8 challenges — including “search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and also a precarious flatbed” — they unlock this week’s Snowfall loading display, in addition to the clue it has.

This week’s clue is a small tough to notice, and also it’s also harder to decipher than many weeks. It’s an excellent thing you wound up right here, right?


The clue in front of the Ice King on the castle’s ramparts looks choose a banner via 4 coordinates: A8, B8, A9, B9.

As with in Seakid 6, Week 10, these are works with causing an extremely certain destination. This clue translates to a specific interarea on the Fortnite map at the precise middle allude in between four squares in the southwestern wintery zone.

But these days, of course, the totality map is a wintery zone.

The area is straight southern of Frosty Flights on the western side of the map, and players have to have the ability to discover it easily by aiming best for the interarea teased by the loading display.

Comparable to areas for “search between” challenges, this certain place is demarcated by an irregularity on the ground. Rather than a patch of dirt interrupting grass, it’s a dark spot on the pristine snow that looks nearly like a bruise.


The particular place looks like a huge bruise in the snow, comparable to miscellaneous patches of dirt that residence comparable items.Epic Games

This certain covert banner winds up being one of the most basic to find as an outcome.

The in-game countdown claims that Fortnite Season 7 doesn’t end till February 27, 2019. So players have actually around a month to complete this and also other obstacles before Seaboy 8 is upon us, bringing all sorts of new map alters and difficulties with it.

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Here’s an detailed look at whatever consisted of in the Fortnite Seaboy 7 Premium Battle Pass.