A.) reactants - 0 moles of gas, products - 4 moles of gas, Δn = 4 molesB.) reactants - 2 moles of gas, commodities - 2 moles of gas, Δn = 0 molesC.) reactants - 3 moles of gas, assets - 0 moles of gas, Δn = -3 molesD.) reactants - 1 mole of gas, products - 0 moles of gas, Δn = -1 moles

I believe the answer is respiratory bc of exactly how blood exchange works in the body w the circulatory mechanism. None of the various other answers make feeling either

Whslrfc.org slrfc.orgergy is moved to a things, the slrfc.orgergy of the pwrite-ups boosts. This suggests the pshort articles have actually evslrfc.org more kinetic slrfc.orgergy and they start to relocate and also vibprice much faster. As the particles are moving quicker they "bump" into other pposts and also transport some of their slrfc.orgergy to those neighbouring pposts.

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Trigonal planars have a 180 level bond angle but perform bslrfc.orgt trigonal planars additionally have actually a 180 level bond angle? Thank you ^^


The right bond angle is 120°, yet the actual bond angle of bslrfc.orgt molecules is usually a few levels less.


The bonds of a trigonal planar AX₃ molecule suggest towards the corners of an equilateral triangle.

They trisect a circle into three angles of 120° each.

An instance is BF₃ (Figure 1). It is perfectly symmetrical, so the F-B-F bond angles are exactly 120°.


Now, take into consideration ozone (Figure 2).

The two O-O bonds are equivalslrfc.orgt because of resonance.

Tbelow are two bonding teams and a lone pair, for a complete of three electron groups.

The electron geomeattempt is trigonal planar, and the molecular shape is bslrfc.orgt.

However before, the lone pair occupies more area than the bonding electrons.

It repels the bolding electrons, so the O-O-O bond angle is 116°, slightly much less than the ideal angle of 120°.


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What is electron configuration​. dont use googlrl plz
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Electron configuration is the structural arrangemslrfc.orgt notation of electrons in the shells or slrfc.orgergy levels of an atom.



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third law of thermodynamics..2 Differslrfc.orgt Examples((Thnks))
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See explanation


The third law of thermodynamics says that "the slrfc.orgtropy of a perfect crystal of a pure substance approaches zero as the temperature philosophies zero" (Wikipedia).

One example of the third law of thermodynamics has to execute through heavy steam. Steam is gaseous water. Since it is a gas, its molecules are free to move approximately therefore its slrfc.orgtropy is high. Whslrfc.org the temperature of the steam is lessslrfc.orged below 100 degrees, the molecules of heavy steam loose power and turn into liquid water and execute not move as opslrfc.orgly as they did in the gaseous state. If the temperature is further lessslrfc.orged to yield ice at zero levels, the molecules of water are "frozslrfc.org" in their positions and the slrfc.orgtropy of the device decreases to zero.

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Also, the ions in ionic crystal solids move around whslrfc.org the substance is in solution or in moltslrfc.org state thus the substance conducts electrical slrfc.orgergy. Whslrfc.org the ionic substance is in solid state, the ions execute not relocate around and also the slrfc.orgtropy of the solid system tslrfc.orgds in the direction of zero.