During the search "Where is Triss Merigold" Geralt is tracking the elf Cedric by the blood trail he leaves.

I"ve done that, utilizing my medallion to highlight the blood, but ended up at a dead finish, some other dead humans:


So the trail I complied with was a false trail. I backtracked yet couldn"t find any kind of various other trail diverging. Wright here is Cedric?

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You have the right to use the Cat potion to quickly watch the blood trail in the forest. Tright here are at leastern 3 trails to follow, all beginning close to the gate between Lobinden and Flotsam. By keeping (mostly) to your right, you will certainly end at humale corpses. But if you attempt to save to your left, Geralt will mumble something around "he is obtaining weaker, can not be far now." That trail also ends in someone else"s body. But from there revolve approximately and also keep to your left aacquire. Cedric is not far from tbelow.


Thanks to Krytharn"s reminder to use the Cat potion I found Cedric near the lake. Here"s a screenswarm to show just how well Cat works for following the blood trail and also a map of the trail you have to follow

Map of the blood trail:



I entirely agreed via the provided map you don't need to drink any cat or dog potion neither need to follow any kind of blood trace just reach the lake wright here you uncover the cave behind the water fall. Thanks for providing the map
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