All trip schedules from Tel Aviv, Israel to John F Kennedy Internationwide, USA. This course is operated by 2 airline(s), and the exit time is in between 00:45 - 23:55. The distance is 5696 miles.

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Delta Air Lines trip schedule from Tel Aviv to John F Kennedy International

All weekly departures with Delta Air Lines.


El Al trip schedule from Tel Aviv to John F Kennedy International

All weekly departures with El Al.

Tel Aviv TLV

Tel Aviv (TLV) is the largest airport in Israel. You deserve to fly to 143 destinations via 71 airlines in scheduled passenger web traffic.

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John F Kennedy International JFK

John F Kennedy International (JFK) is a big airport based in New York, USA. You have the right to fly to 189 desticountries with 73 airlines in booked passenger web traffic.

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Frequently asked concerns (FAQ)

How lengthy does a trip from Stockholm to Doha take, which airport is the busiest and to which terminal will certainly I arrive? Here you can uncover answers to our the majority of asked questions.

From Tel Aviv you will fly out from Tel Aviv (TLV) and you will be landing at John F Kennedy Internationwide (JFK).

El Al routes



Map exploring Tel Aviv - destinations

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