Let’s Talk About Chapter 13 Verse 2 (Final Fantasy XV)

Mar 29, 2017by Chris Vogtin Let"s Talk About...

With the brewing release of Episode Gladiolus, Square Enix forged a two step arrangement to acquire players excited aacquire. The first wregarding solve some of the gameplay problems that torment chapter 13, the second wregarding present a brand-new side story to the chapter revolving about Gladio and also Ignis. I’ll be focusing on the latter. It is important to understand also as soon as going right into verse 2 that this is even more a demo than any kind of major content release. It’s primary purpose is to present players to Gladio’s gameplay style, which is kind of a large deal since he is the playable character in Episode Gladiolus, crazy, I recognize.

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Now, what I assumed was going to be simply a simple demo actually turned into what I would certainly think about have to play content. Square smartly added a reason for everyone to provide the segment a try, regardmuch less of their interest in the DLC. We gain an extra behind the scenes look at events happening in the chapter via far more conmessage than Noctis receives. Spoiler Warning! We acquire to witness initially hand also the minute as soon as Ravus reflects his true colors and support for the true king, Noctis. We likewise bear witness to the emperor’s final descent into madness and ultimate demonhood. There is another fine twist in tright here I’ll keep key, however anyone who has actually finished the game will certainly sucount appreciate it when it happens. End Spoilers!


Aside from the story effects, Gladio’s gameplay is both familiar and also fresh. It hasn’t been overhauled as a lot as it has actually been slightly refined. Gladio handles his greatsword through quickness and also precision in ways Noctis never might. Dodging is still necessary, but Gladio focuses even more on blocking and bringing the pain rather than running ameans. The silly health mechanic from the core game has seemingly been reinserted (it wasn’t present in the demo) with a standard wellness bar, so no even more worrying about healing your health and wellness bar then actually healing.

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A rage meter fills in for Noct’s abilities, giving Gladio some fancy assaults that are exceptionally powerful.

The 20 minute (at best) demo does a fine project of showing that Square is placing in work-related to make Final Fantasy XV also better in 2017, however especially so if you arrangement to purchase the DLC. Episode Gladiolus is easily accessible now, and is currently moving towards the peak of my thriving list of games I have to complete.