To begin this mission, go to the “W” icon on your map, presenting someone familiar to those that played Far Cry 3. He wants your help landing his plane at the airport, so begin heading tright here. At the airport, Willis will tell you to kill the snipers, however you’ll have to be quiet about it and can’t have actually alarms being sounded.

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There’s a complete of six snipers, 3 of which are on buildings, two in watch towers and one on the hill in the back of the airport. In addition to that, there’s 3 guys stationed on the ground beside the one structure, one of which is the commander (yellow marker over his head). There’s also a couple of various other baddies lurking approximately, one or two close to the structures, and also another two blocking one of the road gateways.


You cannot alert the commander (left), else you will certainly fail. Also, don’t forgain about the sniper located on the hill (right).

If you have the Death From Below skill, then you deserve to take out both snipers in the towers without having to climb all the way up the ladders. For the ones on top of the structures, each one will have actually a ladder you deserve to climb to acquire on top. Do not disturb the commander, as that’s the guy Willis mentioned that he’s meeting with.

Once you have actually taken out all of the snipers, head to the manage tower and wait for further orders. Grab the sniper rifle while watching the deal in between Willis and also the commander, waiting for your signal to begin opening fire (kill the commander first). Willis’ health and wellness will certainly shown at the peak of the display and also you will certainly fail if he dies.


When you’re ready to open up fire on the commander and also his two cronies, wait till the commander lines up in front of the one male, then shoot via the sniper rifle. This will permit you to get the Two Birds achievement/trophy.

Luckily, his wellness will regenerate whenever before he’s not being hit, so save an eye on it while in search of even more opponents to shoot. Ultimately even more adversaries will certainly come from near your building, and also Willis will finish up going behind the middle building. This suggests that you’ll most likely must come off of your sniper perch and also acquire to ground level or an additional high spot for sniping.

More goons will certainly come down from the hills, while Willis will certainly relocate to the optimal of the warehome building. Once you’ve eliminated enough, he will go inside the wareresidence and also a helicopter will certainly come. It’s your job to now take out the helicopter, either via explosives (there’s a RPG in the warehouse), by shooting the pilot, or just shooting the helicopter until it goes dvery own.


The helicopter has actually been downed and also even more adversaries will certainly be coming to the party, including a few snipers and also one that is manning a mortar. Hiding inside of the wareresidence will quickly enable you to protect against the over, while easily acquiring the rest of the adversaries to get in your sights without filling you with holes. When the shore is clear, fulfill up with Willis inside of the warehouse.

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After talking to him a little bit, with a nod to Far Cry 3, he’ll tell you about a record that’s about to leave on a aircraft. Once you reobtain manage, you’ll need to rush over to the noted ATV, gain on it and also begin speeding dvery own the runmethod. As soon as you hit the jump and also check out the marker to deploy your Wingsuit, execute it and don’t touch the controls, other than for relocating slightly to the best to prevent hitting the back of the aircraft. You’ll grab the file and the mission will certainly more than once you hit the ground.