Fallout Shelter is currently available on Nintenperform Switch. Relive your favorite Vault-Tec moments everywhere again!


While you"re waiting for Fallout 76 to make all of your MMO dreams come true, relive the joys of Fallout Shelter all over aacquire, yet this time on your Nintendo Switch. If you choose witty writing, building management, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and also watching your whole female populace waddle roughly in gigantic yellow pregnancy sweaters, this is the game for you.

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I"ve gained plenty of endure with Fallout Shelter from when it initially introduced on iPhone (I might have actually played it method too much), and as such, have actually perfected its many type of devious arts: dweller management; sfinishing adventurers to the wasteland; rushing rooms with impunity; and also impregnating your female dwellers—for the excellent of the species!—as soon as the moment comes.

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It"s an extremely silly game. But an addicting one. And if you, choose I, have actually fallen deep into its vault, below are some of my incredibly finest tips for making the most of your time tbelow. The Overseer is watching!

1. Plan ahead


This was always one of my primo tricks in Sim Tower, and it carries over to just around any type of other building strategy game: Even if you don"t have actually rooms you can construct yet, start planning where you"ll location rooms and floors beforehand.

First, each floor has actually room for two elevator shafts, through one already pre-built for you; though you can add more, I recommfinish against it.

You construct rooms in the game in one-room segments, yet do not let those tiny rooms fool you — you deserve to build as much as 2 even more copies of that room beside it to incorporate that area of the floor into one giant location. This is extremely recommended, and among the ideal methods to acquire a balanced, bustling population early on.

You will not have actually the CAPS—in-game money—to develop these three-room areas off the bat, so here"s wright here the planning comes in: You begin the game through 2 elevators—on floor zero and also floor -1, respectively: On floor zero, you have a one-room living area; and also a totally empty lower floor.

Accounting for an elevator at the extremely end of the -1 floor, you have the right to develop one three-room area, the elevator, a three-room area, two-room area, and another elevator.

I like to begin by placing a one-room power plant on the left side of the pre-developed elevator at floor -1, and also one water-treatment plant on the ideal side. This method, when I develop out, I have the right to develop a full three-room power plant and three-room water therapy plant.

On the top floor, you"ll be stuck to a one-room living area alongside a one-room cafeteria at first; I recommfinishing structure as-is, then demolishing that initially floor and restructure once you have a little more depth to your tower.


Unprefer some other sims, Fallout Shelter does not punish you for putting your power alongside your water or food, so feel totally free to line up rooms alongside each other however you prefer. I will certainly say, however, that I find it simplest to team all the asset-collection rooms (water, food, power, clinical supplies), bereason it renders tapping-to-collect that a lot much easier.

As a cheat-sheet, here"s my best starter setup from 5 dwellers to about 30:

1 3-room water treatment plant1 3-room power generator1 3-room diner1 3-room living quarters

After you"ve establiburned these, construct a clinical center for Stimpaks and also a scientific research lab for Radamethods once you have actually the money/correct variety of dwellers. It"ll aid you much better assign your human being to their post-apocalyptic vault jobs, and enable your adventuring dwellers to take the edge off Wasteland radiation.

2. Know your dwellers


Speaking of attuning your dwellers to their perfect vault tasks, let"s talk a small little bit around what provides your sims tick. In Fallout Shelter, your dwellers" abilities are divided up into a rubric referred to as SPECIAL: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, and also Intelligence.

When you first accomplish your dwellers, the majority of of their SPECIAL abilities will certainly be non-existent (though you"ll have actually opportunities to train those up later). But possibilities are, most every dweller will have actually a skill that"s slightly helpful. Here"s wbelow you deserve to put civilization to save their happiness high, gain those everyday happiness bonprovides, and best run your vault.

Strength: Power plants (and also later on, nuclear facilities)Perception: Water plants (and later, the filtration plants)Endurance: Hardier dwellers make for good explorers and also Nuka Cola bottlers.Charisma: Want to make babies easily and organize radio shows? You need charisma. Intelligence: The smart ones are the ones making your RadAmethods and also Stimpaks. Since no one desires a vacantly-brained dweller administering a health and wellness injection. Agility: These dwellers are awesome at making good, quick food. (And later, gardens.)Luck: If you want a greater possibility of success when rushing a room, better items while wandering the Wasteland also, and also a possibility to acquire bonus CAPS in the process of normal room manufacturing, you desire your dwellers to have actually fantastic Luck skills.

You may additionally want to know exactly how your dwellers are feeling: Their happiness contributes to the all at once wellness of your post-apocalyptic sanctuary, and also unhappy dwellers expect an as a whole decrease in your vault"s manufacturing.


When it pertains to your dweller"s health, you want to attempt and keep it at full whenever possible. Dwellers will (slowly) heal on their very own, however dealing with their injuries through stimpacks is a good method to boost their (and your vault"s) in its entirety happiness.

If you check out red creeping right into your dweller"s health bars, they"ve been exposed to some nasty post-apocalyptic radiation! Get them a Radaway, stat—and if you don"t have actually any type of, start making some in the Science Lab or open up a Lunchbox or 2.

3. Combine and upgrade rooms to your advantage

As I discussed in tip #1, you deserve to chain as much as 3 duplicates of the very same room to develop a bigger, better workarea for your dwellers. To make that room also even more reliable, you have the right to select the room and tap the upgrade arrowhead in the top best corner: For a CAPS fee, you can include both manufacturing and also storage.

This suggests that you make even more of that room"s output via eexceptionally work-related cycle, and you deserve to save more of it, too (The power, food, and water bars all have a hashmark that indicates exactly how a lot manufacturing you should sustain the vault; anything in excess of that line is storage. Increase your storage, and also it"s much less most likely you"ll run out of food, water, or power!).

I highly recommfinish structure (and upgrading) single, three-room instances of your necessities over building a single-room power terminal right here and also tbelow eexceptionally time you start running low—not only will it save you CAPS and also provide you a location to team your dwellers, yet it additionally provides it easy to collect your sources if all those rooms are constructed in the exact same basic region. Plus, you have the right to add themes to three-room instances!

4. Don"t expand till you upgrade (no early baby-making!)

It"s tempting to have actually your dwellers instantly begin making babies after you gain your fundamental resource centers up online—after all, you require workers, and brand-new dwellers don"t just wander up to the vault (at leastern, not without a radio station to tempt them). But I advise holding off till you"ve constructed at least one fully-upgraded three-room copy of each resource facility.

Here"s why. First, pregnant woguys can job-related, but they can not defend the vault—they"ll flee from raiders to safeguard their baby. This process lasts around three hrs. Children, as soon as born, likewise take about three hours to hatch into full-blvery own adults; they can"t occupational, be placed in rooms, or be anything resembling productive until they grow up.

If you all of a sudden have actually an influx of babies and also no suggests to assistance them via food or water, your dwellers will quickly lose wellness (from absence of food) and acquire radiation poisoning (from crummy water).

5. Use the clipboard to best fill out your rooms

Your dwellers are happier as soon as they"re doing the job they"re attuned to—if you match a dweller"s SPECIAL stats to their life"s occupational, you"ll have a vault complete of happy dwellers.

This is pretty straightforward to perform in the initial steras of the game, however as soon as you acquire even more than 15 dwellers, it"s hard to remember that does what or is functioning wbelow.

That"s wright here the room"s occupational clipboards come into play: When you pick a source room, you"ll see a small clipboard icon in the reduced left corner; tap it, and you have the right to watch who"s working in the room—and also their SPECIAL stats. Tap on a dweller (or an empty dweller slot on the room"s clipboard) to straight compare them via every other dweller in your vault. You have the right to even tap any type of of the headers—"DWELLER," "LVL," or "SPECIAL"—to organize your vault"s dwellers alphabetically, by level, or by individual SPECIAL stats.

If you want to swap dwellers old-college and drag your sim from one room into an additional, you"ll see a number once you float them over that room. A directly number indicates that you have actually room in that room, and your dweller contributes that much to the room"s main stat.

If you view a plus or minus before the number, it means that your room is full, and also the dweller you"re moving in will certainly swap locations through the lowest-level dweller presently in that room; the plus or minus suggests exactly how much extra (or less) your new dweller will add to that room.

6. Use high-level outfits to supplement your dwellers" skills

Afterwards in the game, you"ll have the chance to build rooms that assist train your dwellers" SPECIAL stats; till then, your dwellers are stuck to the SPECIAL stats they were born via. Well, unmuch less they put on some sophisticated garments.

Yes, clothing makes the man (or woman) in Fallout Shelter—you just need to find it initially. You can obtain sophisticated outfits from Lunchboxes or from trying out in the Wasteland; sometimes, incoming dwellers will wear something fancy that you have the right to then reobjective, also.

As in today"s non-post-apocalyptic society, males and womales have different outfits accessible to them. Tbelow are quite a couple of unisex options, but tright here are also specific male- or female-particular apparel floating about.

To equip a dweller through a new outfit, simply select them, then tap on the outfit icon in the info pane; you"ll then have the ability to see every outfit that they have the right to wear.

Outfits ca boost your stats by +1 to +5; extra-unique and rare outfits will certainly boost multiple stats.

7. Upgrade your Vault Door to proccasion raider attacks

Raiders are the worst: Almeans barging in through knives and weapons, stealing your resources, killing your dwellers. Until you obtain sufficient weapons to effectively fight versus them, you can upgrade your vault door—just prefer any various other room—to make it less prone to invading raiders. They"ll make it in ultimately, however it offers you time to move dwellers right into the vault entrymeans to appropriately fight them, and you"ll be much better off.

I"ve uncovered that raiders likewise come less typically after they need to address an upgraded vault door and also angry gun-toting dwellers a couple of times; invest early, and you will not need to take treatment of raiders later in the game.

8. Equip all your workers on the height level with your finest guns

Though you deserve to technically station two dwellers on "guard duty" in the vault entrance room, this is a waste of dweller manpower. Instead, take the weapons you"ve gotten from Lunchboxes or fact-finding expeditions in the wasteland and also offer them to your dwellers functioning on the optimal level of your vault.

When raiders attack, all you need to carry out is relocate two of those gun-toting dwellers into the vault entrance; opportunities are, they"ll take out the raiders prior to they even make it to the next room. And if they do, equipping the rest of your top-level dwellers with weapons ensures that they"ll be gone quickly after that.

9. Don"t be afraid to borrow dwellers from other rooms in an emergency

Living in the post-apocalyptic future has its downsides: Even in the safety of your Vault, you"ll need to resolve invading raiders, regular fires, and pesky Radbugs. Well-put dwellers through tools have the right to handle raiders and radbugs, while anyone (save for pregnant women and also children) deserve to take care of a vault fire.

If you discover yourself via a fire in a room through no dwellers, or a Radbug infeterminal as soon as namong your dwellers have actually guns, do not panic: Just borrow dwellers from various other rooms by dragging them and dropping them onto the room in question. They"ll come in, settle the problem, and also when it"s fixed, return to their original assignment.

10. Explore the Wasteland

The Wasteland also might be a vicious place, yet you deserve to uncover fabulous items, CAPS, and also several level experience for dwellers brave sufficient to make the trek. Here"s the ideal means to go around it.

Dwellers through high levels and also SPECIAL stats—especially endurance and also luck—will carry out much better than level 1 dwellers with no certain knacks. You can augment this, as well, by sfinishing your anointed dweller(s) out with your finest weapons and outfits.

You"ll likewise desire to make certain you equip your dwellers with stimpacks and also Radaways — this permits them to remain out in the wilderness much longer without succumbing to radiation or evil attackers and also dying. (You have the right to resuscitate dwellers, but at a CAPS price.)

This is additionally necessary bereason the longer your dweller explores the wilderness, the better loot they carry house at the finish of their journey. My best dweller stayed out a full 18 hours collecting outfits, firearms, CAPS, and also experience—yet he was just able to perform this because I sent out him out with 5 Radaways and also stimpaks a piece. (Remember, if you don"t have actually radamethods or stimpaks, you deserve to have your dwellers make them in the scientific research lab and also clinical facility.)

While your dweller is out tbelow, they"ll compose an abbreviated adendeavor log so that you deserve to follow together with their travels. These are hilarious and definitely worth reading; you have the right to check out your dwellers" notes by tapping all over outside the vault, or by choosing them from your grasp dweller list in the top left corner of the display screen.

Your dweller will certainly take fifty percent as long to go back to the vault as they did to explore; if you send them out for ten hrs, for instance, they"ll take a secondary 5 hrs to rerotate. On their rerotate journey, they will not be attacked, irradiated, or injured.

When your dweller retransforms, you can collect their loot by tapping the Collect button; make certain you heal them up with stimpaks and Radamethods prior to letting them ago right into the vault. Especially any kind of radiation damage—if you let an irradiated person walk approximately your vault, they will easily infect the entire population.

It"s certainly smart to send an experimenting dweller into the Wasteland also well-equipped. If you"ve gained any kind of outfits that help with Strength, Luck, or Agility, provide it to your traveler. A Huskies pet is ideal in the Wasteland also bereason it boosts your explorer"s rerevolve speed by 1.25%!

11. Get even more dwellers in your vault

Pregnancy and child-rearing, as I extended before, takes around 6 hrs in total—3 hrs pregnant, three hrs for the kid to thrive up. To make pregnancies occur, all you need to execute is area 2 dwellers in a living quarters area together; depending on their particular charisma stats, you"ll obtain a pregnancy in the next 5-30 minutes.

It"s feasible to chain pregnancies and have many your women pregnant at once—my record is 14—but remember: When they turn right into kids, those are many brand-new mouths to feed while you wait for them to revolve right into adults.

Radio stations, in contrast, will just pull in one dweller every few hours—and only continuously if those functioning at the terminal are high in charisma—yet those dwellers are fully-grvery own and also prepared to job-related. They"re typically level 1 sims through minimal (if any) belongings, yet hey—work is work-related, right?

Once you hit 50 dwellers, you"ll be able to start structure training rooms, which let your dwellers upgrade their SPECIAL abilities. The time it takes your dweller to upgrade a ability varies depending upon their level, the room, and exactly how many type of various other dwellers are working on the very same skill.

Put more dwellers in a room together to work-related on a ability (2, 4, or 6, relying on the size of your training room), and they"ll all learn quicker. You have the right to also spfinish (outrageous amounts of) CAPS to upgrade the room and also shave actually off some of that training time.

13. Pay attention to your objectives

Tright here are five fundamental free methods to make added CAPS, and one phelp alternative.

The simplest means to get some extra in-game money is to rush your resource rooms; upon success, you"ll gain a couple of additional CAPS thrown toward your account. Placed some high-Luck-stat dwellers in your reresource rooms, and you might also acquire 500-1000 CAPS upon a conventional room reresource completion.

Sell any firearms or outfits you don"t want to make CAPS on the side, those these sadly don"t net you much—10-100 CAPS per item, relying on rarity.

Leveling up dwellers also nets you a couple of CAPS, so make certain they"re functioning difficult in the room they belong in to obtain the many out that bonus award.

Send your dwellers to the Wasteland to discover also even more CAPS, though this approach takes a tad longer than the various other three.

Finally, you deserve to buy Lunchboxes through genuine money, which frequently contain 10-500 CAPS; this is a good last-ditch CAPS strategy, yet mostly not worth the price if you have rooms you can rush.

15. Build and also upgrade the Overseer"s Office for even even more fun!

Once you"ve occupied your vault through 18 dwellers, you"ll have the ability to develop the Overseer"s Office, which unlocks nearly an completely new game for you to play. You have the right to sfinish dwellers on quests, which you deserve to then manage sassist dwellers as soon as they reach the pursuit location. You"ll check out the location execute what"s crucial to finish the quests. Your rewards will certainly be great upon rerevolve. We"re talking weapons, apparel, caps, and also even more. When you upgrade the Overseer"s office to level 2 you"ll be able to run multiple quests at when.

16. Leave your vault alone

Fallout Shelter is among those games that"s easy to tweak forever—gaining more CAPS by rushing rooms, reconfiguring your vault, making babies happen—but it"s likewise helpful to play it for a couple of minutes and walk ameans.

Lots of events in the game take place in real-time, including pregnancy, child-rearing, Wasteland also experimenting, ability training, and more; it"s much even more satisfying to come earlier to the game after a few hours to uncover out what"s occurred while you"ve been gone.

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You will not be at hazard for disasters or raider invasions while you"re amethod, yet your resource storage reserves will certainly get depleted. Therefore, make certain you examine in with your vault at leastern as soon as a day. I left my vault alone for 24 hours and came back to discover most of my populace irradiated because my water supply had fallen below my storage capacity; if you don"t examine it eexceptionally so regularly, your dwellers might not be in good form when you return.