Story Related and also UnmissableThis is a 3 part trophy as you need to obtain via 2 further Quests after finishing "Walking With Spirits" before you will certainly be provided the "A Meeting of the Minds" Quest:Part 1: Hearing VoicesAfter returning to the Cathedral go inside and also talk to Nadine about her Mother. Ask her to solve your sauto then ask what she knows around wright here Jackboy is hiding, to which she’ll reply that she complied with him and also will you provide you the essential to get in. After speaking to Nadine, talk to all the various other named civilization in the Cathedral then leave the structure. Now you need to go back to Desmond that will certainly be really peeved that you reverted without any info. He will sfinish you packing and tell you not to rerevolve till you have the answers he looks for. After exiting the Mansion, Rapid Travel to the Cathedral and make your way down to the Wrecked Seatub and also enter it.Once inside the Seatub make your method via the winding tunnels by adhering to the flaming torches to Jackson’s praying spot. When you find Jackkid, he"ll converse with you for a little about what he"s doing dvery own tright here then he"ll leave. After he has actually left go to the Holo-Projector on the table in front of you and also talk to the "Brain", that will bemoan how useless the world from the Cathedral are and also exactly how he hopes you will perform better. The "Brain" will certainly tell you that Desmond has actually a Jamming Device that"s blocking his transgoals and also desires you to ruin it. This Quest will finish in the time of your conversation via the "Brain".Part 2: Thought ControlAfter the above Quest has finished, return to Desmond and also tell him what has happened. He will then tell you that the "Brain" actually belongs to Professor Calvert, the Calvert Mansion"s last pre-war owner. Desmond will likewise tell you that they’ve been feuding for over 200 years. Desmond desires to silence the Professor’s transgoals by placing a Jamming gadget on the greatest suggest in Point Lookout, which just happens to be the regional Ferris Wheel.When you obtain to the Ferris Wheel, you will have actually two choices:

Side through Professor Calvert.Side via Desmond.

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For the objectives of this guide we"ll be siding with Desmond as it"s the least buggy option.To plant the Jamming device press

on the parked Ferris Wheel seating pod. After planting it you will certainly have actually a few secs in which to Rapid Travel back to the Mansion or else you will have to fight off numerous waves of Tribals. Once you"ve arrived earlier at the Mansion it will promptly explode and be diminished to a pile of rubble. After you"ve picked yourself up, head towards the damages. The Quest will end as soon as you technique the entrance to the destroyed mansion.See below for a list of potential bugs and also exactly how to avoid/deal with them: LINK (credit to the Fallout Wiki for the link).Part 3: A Meeting of the MindsAfter entering the Mansion Ruins, head to what was the Entrance Hall and discover the hatch to a Bunker that was formerly hidden from view. Inside the Bunker you will discover a very annoyed Desmond that will certainly rant and rave at you for while, then ultimately he will say that it"s time to work out things when and for all! Eventually he will certainly tell you that Professor Calvert"s Brain is hiding in the Bunker under the Point Lookout Lighthouse and that he"s heading tbelow now and to follow him.Once inside the Lighthouse a covert stairinstance will open in the floor in front of you, follow Desmond dvery own them and also help to damage all the Sentry Bots, Robo-Brains and Turrets. Taking out the Turrets is basic bereason a lot of are controlled from adjacent hackable Terminals and Desmond will ruin the rest. After a brief while you"ll enter the main chamber where Professor Calvert"s Brain is hiding and he/it will certainly speak to you over and try to guide you to kill Desmond.You currently need to two choices:

Kill Professor Calvert.Kill Desmond.

For the objectives of this overview we will be killing the Professor.Killing the Professor couldn’t be simpler as all you have to carry out is usage your a lot of effective weapon to shatter the container his Brain is in. After the container is ruined, Desmond will congratulate you on killing the Professor and also offer you the crucial to the Reward Vault. This consists of stacks of ammo and also at least one distinctive weapon. The trophy will pop throughout the conversation via Desmond.After cleaning out the Reward Vault, go back to the Boat and soptimal to Nadine that will increate you that she"s now in charge of the Duchess Gambit. After discovering of what has happened to Tobar, go to the Engine Room and sheight to him then kill him.

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Now strip his body of whatever useful and also retrieve an important item of yours from the adjacent table. You have the right to currently go back to the Capital Wasteland and also speak to Catherine, she will certainly provide you 10 Refined Punga Fruit and also 300 caps for finding her daughter.