The child that stood approximately a bully and also virtually passed out from the resulting adrenaline rush

A born salesman

Capable of willing her eyesight to be 20/20

That girl who peed her pants in the gas station that one time

Totally an expert on strep throat

Inqualified of making Leonarcarry out DiCaprio her boyfriend

A writer

A certified treatment assistant that heals with Metallica mixtapes

"Not fat sufficient to be super snuggly." —Bea, age four

Not above making use of raspberry-studded sh*t to gain out of a speeding ticket

"Bitingly funny. But everybody knows that." —Roger Ebert

Sad that David Copperarea doesn't own a falcon

A disastrous liar

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About the Author

Kelly Oxford, born in Edmonton, Canada, presently resides in Los Angeles with her 3 youngsters. She is the writer of the New York Times bestseller Everypoint is Perfect When You’re a Liar. You deserve to find her staying clear of her book and screen composing on Twitter and Instagram (

Prayer For…

“Kelly Oxford has this unbelievable capacity to tell stories in that method that renders you laugh without ever before shoving jokes in your challenge. This book is basically an announcement that she’s among the best humor writers functioning this day.”— Justin Halpern, author of Sh*t My Dad Says“Kelly Oxford is like your cool babysitter who teaches you about sex and sarcasm in an un-creepy way. Hanging out via her book provides you wish your paleas were constantly out to dinner.”— Lena Dunham“Kelly Oxford is a refreshing rarity in a sea of Hollyhardwood suck-ups. She’s hilarious, warm, and also the a lot of truthful liar I’ve ever before encountered.”— Diablo Cody“Kelly Oxford is the frifinish we all deserve-the one who tells us the ideal tricks, takes us on all the finest adventures, and also remembers eexceptionally hilariously embarrassing detail. Everypoint Is Perfect is sharply funny, and truly excellent.”— Cameron Crowe“Everypoint Is Perfect When You’re A Liar is individual without being exploitative, smart yet utterly unpretentious, and a complete delight to review. I’m not lying once I say this book is damn close to perfect.”— The Friskies, called "The Funniest Memoir You"ll Ever Read"“Oxford’s creating is noted by the same wry voice that’s made her a social media sensation.”— Los Angeles Times new book is complete of humorous stories about thriving up, making mistakes, stalking Leonarcarry out DiCaprio, and braving Disneyland. . . It’s funny yet also surprisingly emotional. . . a coming-of-age story. . . simply a hell of a lot funnier.”— Forbes“Kelly Oxford is the brand-new cool son in Hollytimber. . . Everything is Perfect When You’re A Liar Oxford screens the comic relief that’s been illustration celebrities favor Jimmy Kimmel and Jessica Alba to her Twitter feed given that 2009.”— New York Daily News is one freakin’ funny lady. . . Hilarious.”— Daily Candy“Kelly Oxford in 140 characters seems like little doses of a great drug. We want more! Thanks to her new book, we’ve obtained it.”— Lifestyle Mirror“A hilariously mortifying memoir. . . Oxford plumbs her previous for painful moments and also transforms them into slyly funny stories. . . These vignettes are delicate and powerful—they make us feel less freakish by compariboy. Effortlessly cool, offbeat, devilish, dramatic Oxford provides sense and smart humor from her adendeavors.”— Interview first book of humorous esstates and also we can officially confirm: They are indeed humorous.”— E! Online“The anecdotes consisted of in the book will certainly make you love even even more than you more than likely currently do, if that’s also feasible. Kelly is truly hilarious. . . I couldn’t put this book dvery own – you won’t have the ability to, either.”—
Product Details ISBN: 9780062102225 ISBN-10: 0062102222 Publisher: It Books Publication Date: April 2nd, 2013 Pages: 336 Language: English Categories Related Editions (all)

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