Light spoilers for the 4 seasons ofSilicon Valley,accessible to stream on HBO Go and HBO Now,ahead.As Erlich can say, if you haven"t watched them yet, what the f*ck are you doing here?

No one inSilsymbol Valley is safe from T.J. Miller"s Erlich Bachmale. The arrogant blowhard, "that states whatever the fuck he wants," has actually become the king of tech-oriented takedowns. Soon, unfortunately, his crownwill need to go to someone else. Ahead of Erlich"s leave, we"ve compiled the character"s harshest burns, snarkiest digs, and the majority of eloquently phrased put-downs to date. Bask in the lovable rudeness while you still deserve to.

(Warning:NSFW words and also phrases follow.)

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Erlich disses Dinesh's chain | HBO
Chain diss No. 2:"It"s a shame, Bell Biv Dinesh, yet unfortunately… that chain is poiboy."

Evidently testing out his Louis C.K. references:"Big Head is even more usemuch less than a bag of dicks without a manage."

What he thinks Richard looks favor in a suit:"Ventriloquist dummy."

To Big Head, after Raviga asks to intersee him for a CEO position:"Big Head, you can insult me all you want by including your self-defined shylocks, yet to insult Rictough and also humiliate him, that"s favor kicking a child who"s done nopoint to deserve it. I might not be able to finish my raguys."

To C.J. Cantwell, snarky Code/Rag writer:"Going to jail for protecting your source would make you some type of First Amendment hero. That"s pretty a lot the ideal thing that can occur to a journalist. I know it is an inconsequential shit task. It does not really add to culture in any kind of method whatsoever before. We"ve establiburned that you don"t have actually any kind of journalistic integrity, however what would certainly it expense to buy you some?"

About himself, in his Code/Rag tell-all article:"My head is so far up my very own ass I have the right to watch the future."

To Ricdifficult, in response to a question around Pied Piper"s video chat numbers:"You want a number? The percentage I provide a fuck about you -- zero -- is trending stable."

To Monica, after discovering she voted to demote Richard to CTO:"At leastern the actual Judas had the courtesy to kill himself after betraying his leader, Jesus Christ. He"s the CEO of the human being. Ever heard of him?"

To Jian-Yang, convincing him to make the SeeFood app:"You"re gonna walk amethod from $200,000? You know that walks amethod from that type of money, Jian-Yang? Rictough, a crazy perchild. He walked amethod from $10 million. Now look at him: wet pants, stealing towels, babbling around technical concerns that he can not deal with. Is this exactly how you want to finish up?"

To Jian-Yang, after realizing that the SeeFood application only recognizes hotdogs:"Jian-Yang, motherfuck. I gave you the capability to spin gold. Instead, you"ve spun pubic hair through shit in it, and also gravel and corn..."

To Big Head"s college course, after finding out they stole his SeeFood idea:"I"ve review a variety of disparaging posts around your generation inThe Atlanticand summaries. It"s all true.

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Trigger warning: Fuck you!"

After Keenan Feldspar asked what Erlich was doing at his table:"I do not understand who you thinkyouare, yet men aren"t intended to thrive tits. And yet, there they are, apeak your bit paunch."

Trying to prove to the gang that he likes basketball:"I"ll concede that spfinishing all my time inside a home through you scrawny code jocsecrets -- the Incredible Shrinking Hendricks and also whatever the fuck Jared is below -- may have actually blunted my traditional masculinity a hair, but it"s always been tright here."

To Ricdifficult, explaining why he"s an envious crone:"Keenan was born through a gold horseshoe up his ass, while you sit below toiling away in an icebox you contact your home office, cursed through the Midas touch of shit."