¡Se nos acabo La Reina Del Sur! I for one am entering withdrawals currently. Not in a long time had a telenovela linked through me in such a way as Telemundo’s megahit around the narco legfinish Teresa Mendoza did. The reasons for loving the novela and our Teresa are many kind of, and also I might go on for days explaining them, but instead let me simply share these 10 incredibly personal reasons why I fell in love with La Reina Del Sur from the extremely beginning and also as the television hit progressed.

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9. She took the negative things people shelp about her and also used them to her advantage. Teresa was a sudaca and La Mexicana, both supposed in disparaging forms many type of a times, but she never let various other people’s discrimicountry prevent her from demanding the respect she felt she deserved.

8. La Reina Del Sur was never before afrhelp to kick some ass to protect herself. Hasta con las puras garras she was willing to fight against those that tried to take benefit of her. Teresa was fierce! Just ask La Makoki or Sheila, two of the initially to endure the wrath of Teresa Mendoza. Period mujer de pocas palabras y pantalones bien puestos. 7. Mexicans were the facility of attention for once, and also not in a negative way. Contrary to so many other internationally collection movies and mirrors that always portray us Mexicans as a civilization of ignorance and also little bit creative thinking, La Reina Del Sur actors Teresa Mendoza as a humble, however identified woguy who was neither dumb nor helpmuch less. “Me veo mensa, pero no lo soy”. 6. The Cast. Oh, the cast! From Kate del Castillo herself, to Cristina Urgel, Humberto Zurita, Rafael Amaya, Ivan Sanchez, Alberto Jimenez, Gabriel Porras, Dagoberto Gama, and so many type of others, everyone was excellent in this novela. My vote is currently cast! Best novela of the year, and finest cast ever!

5. Friendships. Tbelow was more than one occasion when I obtained all choked up because of the realness in the friendships that we observed unravel prior to our eyes on the novela. To name just a few, Fatima risking her life and also her livelihood for Teresa, Ole being such a gentleman every one of the moment, el distinguido Sr. Pote, Patricia and Conejo, and of course the last scene between Patty and Teresa – that was the hardest one for me to save a straight challenge with.

4. Teresa’s ability to love. In spite of shedding everything and everyone she loved along the method, somehow Teresa always regulated to think in love aobtain. It was nearly her death, yes, yet it was likewise what made her so human. That despite being such a affluent and effective woman, cold virtually, she could still manage to open her arms and heart to love over and over again… also at the finish through her baby bump, she was in love.

3. The Action. Wow! We absolutely acquired to check out a lot more than we normally do in a telenovela. My favorite scenes are two: 1) when Teresa gets to whip Ratas in the confront with the ago of her hand, and 2) the shoot out scene at the end. That was awesome! But in in between tbelow were additionally rather a few slaughters, the gun battles throughout multiple continents, and also the hanging of the snitch, Driss.

2. The moral of the story. As cheesy as it sounds, the ultimate message of the novela to me was that good constantly triumphs over evil. Sure Teresa was doing a poor thing, trafficking drugs and ordering world in her way to be removed, however she wasn’t the one that began the war. In a means, it was self defense. If she hadn’t finimelted her opponents off they would have finiburned her off. When we leave our mexicana in the last scene of La Reina Del Sur she is serene and happy for the first time in a long time. Good triumphing over evil as soon as aget, LOL!

1. The bad ass manufacturing by Telemuncarry out of such a worthy story! Not just did they tell Univision and the rest of the television networks out tbelow that they are a pressure to be reckoned with, however they additionally told us, their audience, that they are willing to raise the sabsorbs quality productions to win over our viewership. I for one am paying more attention to their future lineups.

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La Reina Del Sur was my favorite novela in years, and to consist of for her absence in my nightly programming I will certainly most likely be picking up the book by the exact same name. Hopecompletely it will certainly be as good as the present.