Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve checked out this Facebook video that came with the caption: “Don’t make fun of her. She speaks fluent Amerihave the right to.”

The video was uploaded by a Facebook user called “Elihudi Justin Urassa” on 8th September 2015.

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It features an unrecognized American girl talking around the “language barrier” she had via an English dude she met on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). She stated that she was talking to him about a video clip game that she wanted bereason she was hoping that he would certainly buy it to her.

When she asked exactly how much was it, he shelp that it prices 15 pounds. “The point I’m wondering is, why does it weigh so much?” she asked.

She then added:

Does it have to carry out with where England also is located? So favor, if you understand the solar device, America’s in the middle, and England is the closest to the sun I think. So maybe there’s a possibility that there’s a difference in gravity or something?

Her statement automatically drew attention from those that watched the video and in much less than 48 hours, the video went viral.

The video initially started trfinishing on Reddit’s /r/videos before it was shared across various other social media platdevelops.

According to Daily Dot, it was uploaded to YouTube by someone named Sean Welsh, that apparently stole the original video from a young comedian prior to passing it off as actual on Reddit. He retitled the video from “England also is Confusing” to “Girl speaks fluent American”, hoping to put Amerihave the right to adolescents in an unfavorable light.

But of course, the original video was meant to be satirical and the girl in the video namely Pupinia Stewart was absolutely just trolling.


She is a member of “Our Third Life” and also along with Schmitty Winkelkid, they created a YouTube channel consisting of a bunch of satirical videos where they talk around random points like just how Pupinia’s in love via Donald Trump (and also how he’s a poor boyfriend as well) and exactly how you can deal with your iPhone. She additionally “ranted” around how world are hating on her hero Justin Bieber.

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Judging by the points they posted on the YouTube channel, the majority of human being would recognize that they are simply some trolls with a weird sense of humour. We’ve got to give props to Pupinia for convincing us that what she sassist in all those videos were for real though.