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Jake Tapper has a fantastic tweet thcheck out on exactly how Superguy cuts his hair.

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I'm glad you asked, Jesse. 1/

— Jake Tapper (
jaketapper) June 19, 2017

One of Superman’s tried and also true methods, supposedly, is that he provides his very own laser vision to burn back his hair. I didn’t recognize this bereason — confessing my unpopular opinion below — I always assumed Supermale was sort of a dumb superhero and so I hardly ever read the comic.

Still I call shenanigans on this.

A quick Google search reveals, a lot as I supposed, that Supermale has flown right into the sun many type of times.


There’s also video:

And yet I’ve been looking in vain for a single photo of Superguy with his hair shed off. Now, you can say that of course he won’t shed his hair in our “yellow” sun, because he derives his powers from it. When he goes right into our sun, he gets more powerful and also so does his hair.

But according to Wikipedia and also some even more googling, Superman has actually additionally been able to withstand the warm inside the Earth’s core which, according to NASA, can range as a lot as 7,000 to 12,000 degrees. That is hotter than the surchallenge of the sun and presumably hotter than his warm vision. And yet, he emerges via that glorious just-showered look.

Obviously, the truth is that Superman wears a wig. Either that, or Supermale is a ridiculous comic-book character. Take your pick.


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