Out of the Pokémon episodes that I have actually watched, I perform not remember ever before seeing an pet that wasn"t a Pokémon. I have also not heard of pets being existing in Pokémon.

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Which lead me to wonder: Are tbelow ever any kind of animals that aren"t Pokémon present in any episode or Pokémon manga?


In Gastly"s Pokédex entry for Fire Red it claims

a being that exists as a thin gas. It deserve to topple an Indian elephant by enveloping the prey in two seconds.

Fish are additionally checked out in the episode Pokémon Shipwreck:




When relooking to view if tbelow has ever before been an pet featured that isn"t a Pokémon in a scene or Manga I came across this on Bulbapedia"s article Animals in the Pokémon world:

Real-human being animals have actually been pointed out a number of times to exist in the people of Pokémon. Most regularly, they are stated in relation to a Pokémon category. For instance, Pikachu is well-known as the "Mousage Pokémon" and also was directly referred to in the slrfc.org as an "electric mouse", hinting that real-people mice exist in the Pokémon human being. Other than this, all various other mentions of animals are rare.

Tright here was also this image:


Which plainly shows a dog. However before, this is the only photo I can discover of an animal that isn"t a Pokémon.



There"s a pretty thorough list of pet occurences in pokemon on Bulbapedia right here.


In "Ash Captures a Pokémon" Pidgeotto is watched eating a regular wormprior to being caught by Ash.In "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City" fish deserve to be viewed in the fish tanks inside the GymIn "Battle Aboard the St. Anne" a cooked lobster can be viewed as food offered on the ship.
Several examples exist in early episodes. Shortly prior to Ash catches Pidgeotto, it eats a worm, maybe the smallest non-Pokémon animal the slrfc.org ever before confirmed. References to such species lasted longer than their appearances. In a a lot later episode, Ash mentions catfish.

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In among the episodes in the indigo league they eat muskrat kebabs and also say themselves it"s muskrat. Don"t recognize which episode though

In seachild 1 episode 20 tbelow is this, I do not think it"s a Pokémon, however can not say what animal this is:


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