Hello friends! Thinking about re-starting FFXIV. I played on PS4, yet now have a good COMPUTER that I'd love to play on. Is tbelow any type of method to downfill the game and also play on Steam if I've currently bought it, or execute I need to purchase again? I'm assuming my characters can be played on either platcreate.

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If I have to re-purchase it, are there any deals out there? Looks favor I'd should buy the base game, then Stormblood, THEN Shadowbringers? Or is tright here a cheaper way?



My advice: dont buy it through heavy steam. There are lots of deals and discounts from time to time however they never before include Steam. And you cant swap vapor to not heavy steam.

Yes you have to repurchase the game for the pc. Best bet is to buy the standard game now for $20. Heavensward (xpac 1) is complimentary ideal currently. Then buy shadowbringers (xpac 3) and also it will certainly offer you the missibg xpac, stormblood (xpac 2) WHEN SHADOWBRINGERS releases.

You'll spfinish a total of 60 bucks plus taxes. This is the cheapest course, but you'll be level capped at 60 till ShB comes out.

Or you buy the complete edition which offers Arr, Heavensward, and also Stormblood, yet thats 60. Then 40 even more for shadowbringers. You'll be able to go to lvl 70 right amethod however it prices an added 40 bucks to perform so.

You buy ARR, Heavensward is complimentary on the square Enix webwebsite until shadowbringers is out (this sell is not for heavy steam unfortunately) & pre order shadowbringers considering that it has all the expansions that's the cheapest way I think.

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If you are asking whether Steam accounts and also Windows accounts can be merged or swapped in between, the answer is no.

Steam and also Windows FFXIV licenses are as different as PlayStation and Windows and also call for sepaprice purchases. Unchoose Windows and PlayStation though, you cannot own both and need to pick in between Windows or Steam. Once you very own one license, you cannot ever before very own the various other on the very same Square Enix company account.

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Preorder ShB and also stay on PS4 till then? The personalities are tied to the account, not the console. If you must play it on PC then you'll be shelling out an extra ~40 for practically no reason.


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