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"Of Mice and Men" is a well known and also controversial novel written by Amerideserve to writer and Nobel Literature Laureate John Steinbeck. In his writing, Steinbeck frequently championed bad and oppressed employees, detailing the harsh conditions they were required to endure in bleak and often graphic detail. His keen perception of and also compassion for those who—whether by option or circumstance—lived external the strictures of culture are features that made him one of the a lot of revered authors of the 20th century.

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An Unstraightforward History

At the moment of its publication, "Of Mice and also Men" forced Americans to look at a dark underside of then-present culture and also the unpleasant truths of class disparity that many kind of desired simply to ignore. While on one level, the book is a testament to the nature of true friendship in the challenge of staggering adversity, inevitably, it is a tragic tale of outsiders not necessarily seeking to fit in, but simply to make it through.

Due to its use of profane language and also dark themes such as murder, psychological disability, prejudice, sexuality, and also euthanasia, the book has arrived on banned books lists even more than when and also has actually been rerelocated from high college curriculums and libraries. Not surprisingly, many thanks to its disturbing content and also the author"s provocative purpose of shining light on double requirements and unindeveloped retribution, "Of Mice and also Men" elicits a large selection of opinions and also interpretations, which makes it a challenging and also worthwhile novel to comment on and also debate. Here are some concerns that will get the conversation rolling.

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Starting From the Top:

What occupational of literary works is Steinbeck referencing via the book"s title and why execute you think he decided it?

Themes and Symbols:

What is the main objective of the story?What are various other themes in the story? How do they relate to the plot and also characters?Can you think of any type of icons that reexisting one of the themes you just discussed?How does the setting include to the story? Could the story have actually taken area anywhere else?What types of problems occur in "Of Mice and also Men"? Are the conflictsphysical, intellectual, or emotional?

Let's Talk About The Characters:

Are George and Lenny consistent in their actions?Are they totally arisen characters?From the woman in the velvet dress to Curley"s wife, female personalities play a large part in shaping Lennie and George"s destiny. What is the duty of women in the text? Why do you think Steinbeck did not provide his female characters names?How does John Steinbeck reveal character inthe novel?

What Are Your Opinions?

Would you recommend this novel to a friend?Do you think the book have to be censored or banned?Do you discover the personalities likable?Can you recognize through any kind of of them?Do you think the book accurately depicts what life was prefer in Depression-era America?Do you think the book still relevant today? If so, why?Can you think of any current problems that are equivalent to those in the book?Does the story finish the means you expected? How? Why?
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