The crucial difference in between acetic acid and also glacial acetic acid is that the acetic acid reasons no injury whereas the glacial acetic acid is corrosive and, therefore, need to manage it via care.

Acetic acid belongs to the household of organic compounds recognized as carboxylic acids. They have the sensible team –COOH. We call this useful team as the carboxyl team. On the other hand, the glacial acetic acid is the extremely focused develop of acetic acid.

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What is Acetic Acid?

Acetic acid is a carboxylic acid, which has actually a basic formula as complies with.

Fig 01: General Formula of Carboxylic Acid

In the most basic form of carboxylic acid, the R team equals to H, and also we contact it formic acid. In addition to this formic acid, tbelow are many other forms of carboxylic acids with miscellaneous R teams. Here, the R group deserve to be a directly carbon chain, branched chain, an fragrant team, etc. Several of the examples for carboxylic acids are acetic acid, hexanoic acid, and benzoic acid.

Acetic acid is the carboxylic acid in which the R group of the above structure is –CH3. In the IUPAC nomenclature, we name carboxylic acids by dropping the final –e of the name of the alkane equivalent to the longest chain in the acid and also by including –oic acid. Always, we asauthorize the carboxyl carbon number 1. According to this, the IUPAC name for acetic acid is ethanoic acid. So the acetic acid is the common name of it.

Figure 01: A Solution of Acetic Acid

As the name claims, it is an acid, so have the right to donate a hydrogen ion right into a solution. It is a monoprotic acid. It is a colourless liquid via a sour taste and a characteristic smell. Moreover, it is a polar molecule. Since of the –OH team, they have the right to form solid hydrogen bonds through each various other and also via water. As an outcome, this acid has actually a high boiling suggest, which is around 119 °C. In enhancement to that, it quickly dissolves in water. Because it is a carboxylic acid, it undergoes all the reactions of carboxylic acids. Due to the fact that they are acidic, they react readily via NaOH and also NaHCO3 solutions to develop soluble sodium salts.


Acetic acid is a weak acid, and also it exists in equilibrium through its conjugate base (acetate ion) in aqueous media. This acid is the main component in vinegar, which is beneficial in food processing. We deserve to usage it as a polar solvent to prepare solvent units. It is likewise essential as a chemical reagent to synthesize compounds. For example, we usage it through an alcohol to produce an ester.


Acetic acid is naturally synthesized by anaerobic fermentation using sugar substprices. The anaerobic bacteria lug out this process. The primary approach of synthetically producing acetic acid is by the methanol carbonylation method.

What is Glacial Acetic Acid?

Glacial acetic acid is the undiluted create of acetic acid. It doesn’t contain any type of water; for this reason, it has actually 100% acetic acid only. We have the right to dilute this acid by including water to prepare the forced concentration of acetic acid options. Since it is as well concentrated, the acidity of glacial acetic acid is high. As such, it is corrosive and have the right to damage the skin if in contact.

What is the Difference Between Acetic Acid and also Glacial Acetic Acid?

Acetic acid is the acid that gives vinegar its characteristic taste. Additionally, the pure acid is a colourless viscous liquid or glassy solid while glacial acetic acid is the highest concentrated create of acetic acid. That is, the glacial acetic acid has no or much less than 1% water. In various other words, undiluted or 100% concentrated acetic acid is known as glacial acetic acid. Because of this, the main distinction between acetic acid and also glacial acetic acid is that the acetic acid reasons no damage whereas the glacial acetic acid is corrosive. As such, the glacial acetic acid have to be taken on via treatment.

The listed below infographic tabulates the distinction between acetic acid and also glacial acetic acid for quick referral.

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Rundown -Acetic Acid vs Glacial Acetic Acid

As shelp prior to, the acetic acid is a carboxylic acid. Whereas the glacial acetic acid is the the majority of focused form of acetic acid. The crucial distinction between acetic acid and glacial acetic acid is that the acetic acid reasons no damage whereas the glacial acetic acid is corrosive, and also should manage it with care.


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