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OioisaveloyPC to Xbox One Character Transfer(1)Category: ConsoleJune-12-2014 12:56 AM PDT (8 years ago) So I understand that you have the right to move characters throughout from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and also PS3 to PS4.My question is why not PC to Xbox One or PS4?There need to be a way of linking your gamertag to your account so that this have the right to take place.I"ll be obtaining the Xbox One variation regardless however it appears silly (imo) that you can"t do this.Blizzard are you looking right into this? If not, why not?What carry out the rest of you guys think?


NidrorianCOMPUTER to Xbox One Character Transfer(4)
July-31-2014 8:33 AM PDT (7 years ago)
Hello KikeFau,For same-platform upgrades to Ultimate Evil Edition (PS3 > PS3 and also Xbox 360 > Xbox 360), your character conserve data will certainly be automatically loaded when the game is installed. No additional measures needed!On that note, in an upcoming console patch for PS3 and Xbox 360, we"ll be allowing what we"re calling "cross-brand" or "cross-generational" transfers for Ultimate Evil Edition. As the name says, these transfers will enable players to copy their character save data throughout brands and also throughout platcreate generations. We"ll have more details to share once the patch is live, including how to finish a transfer with step-by-action instructions and also exactly how account linking works. In the meantime, here"s a quick list of what"s supported:PS3 > Xbox OneXbox 360 > PS4PS3 > PS4Xbox 360 > Xbox OneThe goal of cross-brand/cross-generational transfers is to assistance players who may have actually switched brands as soon as next-gen devices were released for PlayStation and Xbox, yet do not want to leave their development from original III behind when upgrading to Ultimate Evil Edition. As a follow approximately that, please note that the adhering to cross-platcreate transfers will certainly not be supported:Xbox 360 > PS3PS3 > Xbox 360

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