1. 64/25, because probcapability worths cannot be higher than 1.2. -1.5, bereason probcapability worths cannot be less than 0.

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A random number generator is used to choose a number from 1 to 100. What is the probcapacity of choosing the number 165?
Identify the sample room of the probability experiment and also identify the number of outcomes in the sample space.Randomly choosing an even number in between 10 and 20 comma inclusive
Determine the variety of outcomes in the event. Decide whether the event is an easy occasion or not.Upper A computer is provided to choose randomly a number between 1 and 9 comma inclusive. Event Upper C is choosing a number greater than 6.Event Upper C has 3 outcomes. Is the occasion a simple event?
A probcapability experiment is composed of rolling a fair6​-sided die. Find the probability of the occasion listed below.rolling a number higher than 5
A probcapability experiment is composed of rolling afour​-sided die and also spinning the spinner presented at the appropriate. The spinner is equally most likely to land also on each shade. Use a tree diagram to uncover the probcapability of the offered occasion. Then tell whether the event can be taken into consideration unexplained.​Event: rolling a number less than 3 and also the spinner landing on yellowCan the event be considered​ unusual?
For the provided pair of​ events, classify the two occasions as independent or dependent. -Finding that your cell phone functions. -Finding that your dvd player works
The two occasions are independent bereason the occurrence of one does not influence the probability of the occurrence of the other
Two cards are selected from a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The initially is reput before the second card is schosen. Find the probcapacity of picking a heart and then picking a jack.The probcapability of picking a heart and also then choosing a jack is ____
In a sample of 1000 U.S.​ adults, 174 dine out at a restaurant even more than when per week. TwoU.S. adults are selected at random from the populace of all UNITED STATE adults without replacement. Assuming the sample is representative of all U.S.​ adults, complete parts​ (a) through​ (d).
(a) Find the probability that both adults dine out even more than once per week.- .03(b) Find the probability that neither adult dines out more than once per week.- .682(c) Find the probcapacity that at least one of the 2 adults dines out more than when per week.- .318​(d) Which of the events can be considered​ unusual? Exsimple. Select all that use.- the occasion in part (a) is unexplained bereason its probcapability is is much less than or equal to .05
A study discovered that 35​% of the aided reproductive technology​ (ART) cycles brought about pregnancies.​ 26% of the ART pregnancies resulted in multiple births.​(a) Find the probcapacity that a random selected ART cycle led to a pregnancy and developed a multiple birth.​(b) Find the probcapability that a randomly selected ART cycle that resulted in a pregnancy did not develop a multiple birth.​(c) Would it be unusual for a randomly schosen ART cycle to cause a pregnancy and also develop a multiple​ birth? Exsimple.

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(a) .019(b) .74(c) No, this is not unusual because the probcapability is not much less than or equal to 0.05.
Gap shuttle astronauts each consume an average of 3000 calories per day. One meal usually is composed of a main​ dish, a vegetable​ dish, and also two various desserts. The astronauts deserve to choose from10 main​ dishes, 7 vegetable​ dishes, and14 desserts. How many different meals are​ possible?
A certain lottery has actually 29 numbers. In how many kind of various means deserve to 4 of the numbers be​ selected? (Assume that order of selection is not​ necessary.)

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