Update:contraryto earlier reports, the raid dropped at 370, definition you"ll need some endgame light from Variks, Trials for Osiris, exotic engrams or the raid itself to get up tright here.

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With one more growth for Destiny comes an additional slow crawl to the height of the light level ziggurat. Rise of Iron simply launched and through it the endless quest for slightly better loot and a much better life -- the brand-new light cap is all the method up at 385, yet for the majority of human being the taracquire for right currently becomes 360: that"s the recommfinished light for the Wrath of The Machinerhelp that launches on Friday, which is bound to be the ideal avenue towards max-level rewards.Your progression will be broken right into a number of tiers, so we"ll go via each individually.

340: Getting as much as 340 is the basic part: you have the right to execute it just with blue engrams, which max out at 340 and also drop like crazy. So just play with the game doing whatever tasks you feel choose, collecting blue engrams along the way. They will certainly decrypt up to a maximum of a few levels above your existing light level, so if you have a giant stack of engrams, do not decrypt them as a whole. Do a few, equip them to rise your light level, and then execute a couple of more to maximize your development. If you"ve obtained the patience, check each decrypted item individually. If you"re really came to about min/maxing your time heresave legendary engrams during this phase.They"ll become more crucial later.

340-350: Things acquire a small little sreduced here. Tbelow are a few ways to obtain straightforward items up at 350 that will certainly acceleprice you, yet. You can buy 350 items from tower merchants, so I"d recommend that if you"ve gained spare legendary marks. You likewise acquire a complimentary 350 artifact from Tyra as part of a search chain, and also the brand-new Gjallarhorn will certainly arrive at your doorstep at 350 as well. You have the right to start utilizing legendary engrams below, also, simply don"t decrypt any type of for a item of equipment you"ve currently got at 350 until you"re at 348 or so: these will decrypt as much as 365, so better to use them for as soon as they have actually a chance to obtain up above 350. At this point, you deserve to also acquire the distinct strike rewards obtainable through skeleton keys, and also heroic strikes when you"re close sufficient to 350: both reward as much as 365. Exotic engrams will likewise decrypt all the way to the max of 385.

350-365:This is as soon as things really sluggish down. Legendary engrams will certainly only decrypt a light level or 2 above your present light level, so you"ll need a entirety lot to obtain approximately 360. Heroic strikes and also distinct strike rewards end up being more essential right here, bereason they"ll arrive all the way approximately 365. This is probably when you"ll want to complete a Challenge of the Elders scorecard, as well: Variks will give loot as much as 385. You"ll probably have actually been getting faction rewards this entirety time, however they"ll become even more important below, because they also cap out at 385.

360-385:The endgame grind. Many of this loot will certainly most likely come from Trials of Osiris, The Rhelp and also possibly the Iron Banner will certainly award max level equipment, but it"s not too important just yet. 360 is the goal, for now.

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