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To celebprice the finish of the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2: Forsaken has introduced the new “Journal of the Reef Cryptarch” exotic pursuit. By all indications, the end of the quest will lead to the reintroduction of Thunderlord, a famous machine gun Exotic from the first Destiny (though this is still unconfirmed).

We’ll walk you with the measures on exactly how to complete it, or at leastern as far as we’re currently able to get with it.

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STEP 1: Talk to Amanda Holliday

The shipwright has been host to all of the Festival of the Lost events, and this quest is no different. Sheight to her, and she’ll ask you to collect 10 peras that were lost from the dead Cryptarch’s journal.

STEP 2: Collect 10 pages from the shed Cryptarch’s journal

Bungie through This seems choose it would be a grind, yet there’s actually a super straightforward way to get this action done in just a couple of minutes.

Head to the EDZ and also await a “Glimmer Extraction” Public Event. They have the right to occur in a few various areas, many notably Trostland also and also The Sludge.

With this occasion comes plenty of yellow bar Fallen, which is what you’re looking for. These Fallen have actually a high possibility to drop the essential peras. We were able to discover eight of the 10 peras in just one Public Event. Rinse and repeat until you have all 10 pperiods from the lost Cryptarch’s journal.

STEP 3: Hunt for hints in Lost Sectors

Bungie/Activision using With the second recollection, a brand-new leg of the pursuit has actually end up being accessible. You’ll be tasked with searching dvery own clues for what occurred to Master Ives in three Lost Sectors. Hop in your ship and also head over to the EDZ — Trostland, especially.

In the location neighboring Devrim Kay, tbelow are 3 Lost Sectors: Atrium, Widow’s Walk, and Terminus East. Go through each of these Lost Sectors and also clear them out. When you grab the loot from the chest, you’ll tick off the box on your pursuit.

Once you’ve cleared all three, you’ll uncover a revised version of the Ives’ journal.

STEP 4: Complete one, last Lost Sector in the Outskirts

Bungie/Activision via After you’ve completed the 3 Lost Sectors approximately Devrim, it’s time to head into the Outskirts part of the EDZ. Hop on your sparrow and also roll through town or simply take a trip to the Winding Cove and go from tright here.

You’re searching for the Lost Sector at the top left of the area dubbed Whispered Falls. If you acquire shed, just hover your cursor over the Lost Sectors you’ve completed to display their names. Get in the Whispered Falls and also insurance claim the cache.

Once you’ve completed your fourth Lost Sector, you’ll get another quest step.

STEP 5: Talk to Amanda

Bungie/Activision through After your trek with Lost Sectors, Amanda will certainly ask to view you in the Tower. Teleport over to her and also have a chat. It’s time to adundertaking into one more Lost Sector and also return to a acquainted area.

Head earlier to Master Ives’ tattered robes in the Whispered Falls. Play with the Lost Sector to find the mission begin suggest.

STEP 6: Return to the Cosmodrome

When the mission starts, you’ll uncover yourself on acquainted ground if you played Destiny. Make your way via the graveyard of cars, and also take dvery own each Fallen you check out. Once you’ve cleared the location, the huge power shield in front of the wall will go down, letting you pass.

Enter the wall and also save killing Fallen as you view them. Follow the path and also run with the scurrently till you discover an open hallway on the best. You’ll understand you’re in the appropriate place if you deserve to see some skulls in front of the hallmethod entrance.

Keep going dvery own the dark corridor till you find a small room with a large pipe at the finish. You’ll now be in a darkness zone filled via Fallen opponents and a huge Fallen Captain. Keep killing all the Fallen — including the massive Servitor that spawns in — until you regulate to take down the Captain, which’ll reason all various other adversaries to despawn.

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Head back out the method you came and also earlier through the teleporter. The mission will end, and also it’ll be time to go ago to the Tower.

STEP 7: Claim your Thunderlord

Bungie/Activision through Head earlier to the Tower and also talk to Amanda. She’ll give you the last Exotic Engram that Master Ives ever had actually. Take the Engram earlier to Rahool to earn Thunderlord.

Unfavor the Thunderlord from Destiny, this variation feels a little even more exotic. For instance, the gun’s new intrinsic perk reasons lightning to strike about the location whenever before an opponent is killed, dealing damage to nearby foes. Thunderlord’s original perks, which rise repack speed on kills and increase the gun’s rate of fire the much longer the trigger is hosted dvery own, are both component of the new version also.

Congratulations, Guardian. Master Ives has been avenged and also Thunderlord is yours!