The narrative of Destiny 2"s Seakid of the Drifter has a quest that requires choosing between the Drifter or the Vanguard through specific, branching measures.

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destiny 2 how to start the allegiance quest
This previous weekly recollection in Destiny 2, the Allegiance quest officially started, giving players the choice to ally through either the Drifter or the Vanguard. This quest sends out players on branching steps with different rewards, lore, and also narrative depending upon which side the player chooses. The game also teases that the choice may have actually aftermath in that character"s future in the game as well. Following are both the measures and also rewards for the Allegiance quest.

To begin the Allegiance quest, players must head to the Drifter where he will certainly sell players a "Decision Point" to either stand through the Drifter or stand through the Vanguard. As the tooltips tell players, they will receive various quest rewards, the Drifter will certainly remember the alternative (which for currently shows itself with the dialogue players hear from him), and also it likewise affects players being able to unlock a specific lore book.

Once a choice is made, the quest will certainly go into players" Pursuits tab and also they will certainly go via multiple measures to complete the search. The rewards earned by siding with the Drifter is a package that awards one item of Gamlittle equipment and one of each type of Gambit Prime Synths. On the various other side, allying via the Vanguard will award a package containing one piece of Vanguard equipment, one Enhancement Core, and Boon of the Vanguard consumables.

Either means, the Drifter and the Vanguard will sell a reward package as soon as per week to players, meant to contain the same rewards each week. These are Powerful rewards, but, so the equipment drops deserve to assist players level up to the new power cap in Season of the Drifter.

As pointed out over, siding with the Drifter will lock players out from obtaining the finish lore book dubbed "The Warlock Aunor" while those who side with the Vanguard will certainly have the ability to collect all its entries. The good news is that the choice in the Allegiance quest is character-based, not account-based, so Destiny 2 players have the right to experience both sides of the quest by allying various characters to each side.

Destiny 2 is obtainable currently for COMPUTER, PS4, and Xbox One.

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