Although the majority of content in Destiny 2 is playable whether or not you’re playing solo, you’re going to want to join a clan to gain the the majority of out of Bungie’s latest shooter. In Destiny 2, clans not only give you a convenient and also easy way to interact via your friends and also organize for raids, yet they likewise offer added rewards as your clan progresses with assorted difficulties and raises its level. If you’re clueless around how to make a clan in Destiny 2, the comprehensive overview below will certainly carry out you with everything you need to recognize.

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Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in Destiny 2. Lucky for you, we’ve additionally put together a detailed beginner’s overview, tools overview, and guide to leveling

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Creating a clan


If you currently have a group of players prepared to play together in Destiny 2, then you’re ready to develop your very own clan on Bungie’s website. Thanktotally, it’s a remarkably easy procedure that have to only take a couple of minutes. Do save in mind that you’ll have to have a account prior to developing a clan.

First, head to the main clan development page, and also scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a couple of different entry areas here, and you’ll fill in information prefer your clan’s name and motto. This deserve to help introduce your clan to players that might not understand you personally. The shorthand also area is primarily an abbreviation of your clan’s name that will appear next to your username, similar to the clan tags watched in various other shooters favor Cevery one of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Once you’ve picked your name and motto, hit the switch at the bottom of the web page to go to your clan’s major menu in your internet internet browser. If you’re using the Destiny Companion app, you’ll obtain the very same information, yet it will certainly be separation among a few different pages. To view your clan information, click Clan at the bottom of the application.


Now you’re going to desire players to populate your clan. You have the right to always sfinish them a clan invitation while playing Destiny 2, however to make the process a tiny easier, you can additionally sfinish them a attach to your profile web page via a web browser. To get tright here, go to your clan’s primary menu and also click Clan Profile on the left side of the screen.

Anyone through the link will see an choice on this web page to sfinish a join repursuit. With the default clan settings, the clan leader or an administrator will have to confirm the repursuit in order for the brand-new player to join. You have the right to also invite individuals from the mobile application. To execute so, tap on the Clan, complied with by Clan Settings. Under the Player Management area, tap on Invites. Here, you will see an option to invite any player you desire, including those on your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live friends list. You deserve to develop a clan through up to 100 players.

Finding clan members

If you’re a solo player or don’t know anyone who plays Destiny 2, tbelow are a few methods to recruit various other players. You have the right to usage Guided Games to find friends (which we’ll cover below), or you have the right to use assorted sources digital to pair up through other Guardians. Here are some excellent means to uncover players:

Chat via your clan

You’ll want to usage a headset or electronic camera in order to talk to your clan mates while playing Destiny 2, but once you’re preparing for a raid or scheduling tasks for the week, you have the right to additionally manipulate Bungie’s built-in digital chat feature.

Just click Clan Chat on the left side of your clan management page within a browser, and you’ll be able to talk to everyone in the group, and also rotate on notifications so you don’t miss any messages. For larger clans, tright here are even administrator-just and fireteam options, so you deserve to store relevant indevelopment organized more clearly.


You deserve to additionally organize a clan forum in the companion application. To create a thcheck out in the forum, click your clan’s banner and also tap the three dots in the optimal ideal. From here, you’ll see an option to develop a Private clan forum. Then hit the pencil symbol in the upper-best corner to produce either a New Topic or New Recruitment Topic. Here, you have the right to add polls, ideas, and also also web links to YouTube videos. A tag choice additionally allows you better organize threads.

Make it your own

Now that you’ve developed your clan, you have to make it stand out from the remainder of the load in order to attract brand-new members. The first thing you’ll require is an awesome banner. Your flag will certainly be visible for players to check out, offering them a basic method to recognize the clan as they make their way throughout the game, and also Bungie provides players a robust collection of production devices to make it perfect. These are usable in both the mobile application and also in an internet internet browser — each platform provides you the same collection of options — however we uncovered the browser to be paintotally slow.

The devices permit you to pick a banner emblem, emblem foreground, background colors, added banner details, and a second banner and information color. The possibilities aren’t endmuch less, but they carry out enable you to gain creative. In order to start earning added clan rewards once you’ve favored your preferred colors, be sure to talk to Suraya Hawthorne on the Farm (or at The Tower after completing the game). She’ll carry out your clan banner inventory item, which levels up as your clan completes certain activities.


Earn rewards

The ideal part around joining a clan is that it provides you with more loot. Clans earn distinct “Clan Engrams,” which offer you new tools and/or armor for completing many type of of the activities you were currently going to carry out in Destiny 2. At the peak of your clan’s profile, alongside your banner, you’ll see a section with four icons underneath. These represent the rewards you and your clan have the right to earn. You deserve to earn these rewards each week for completing four of the game’s toughest challenges:

Completing the Nightautumn Strike with your clanCompleting Trials of the Nine via your clanCompleting the Leviathan Rhelp via your clanParticipating in the Crucible with your clan

At least fifty percent of the players in your fireteam should be members of your clan for it to count towards your reward, but. These rewards deserve to also just be asserted once per week, and just one character per account can usage them, so you won’t be able to trick out your Titan, Warlock, and Hunter as a whole.

Level up your clan


The clan leveling system has actually been readjusted through the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken. Rather than completing turning points to earn XP and level up your clan as you did in the vanilla variation of Destiny 2, you currently must visit the character Hawthorne and complete her obstacles. They variety from completing specific Raids to finishing bounties. Keep in mind that these challenges change over time.

At the level 50 cap, the brand-new challenges deserve to only be completed via a Fireteam, interpretation you will certainly need to be with your clan-mates in order to complete them. Previously, you might efficiently work toward the goal while hardly ever interacting with your clan directly.

You have the right to earn as much as 5,000 XP per week with each character, yet perform note that your Fireteam have to consist of at least 50% of your clan members in order to make development toward your clan’s level.

Guided games and also how to join them


Not everyone is interested in committing to a clan, however they still want to take component in high-level endgame content, including raids. Your clan deserve to help those players, by letting them sign up with your team in a “Guided Game.” The device was initially only accessible to a limited variety of players, yet has because opened up up to all players and also allows you to discover added players for raids and also Nightfall strikes. Clans offer themselves as guides for the mission, and the 2 sides are matched up to form one complete fireteam.

This also means that your clan have the right to still complete a rhelp, also if you have actually fewer than 6 members. A special “Oathkeeper’s Score” will certainly be provided to your clan for these activities, which allows seekers recognize if your clan generally sticks it out through newcomers till they complete a mission. Should you work-related especially well via the brand-new players, you deserve to include them to your clan to act as guides for future objectives.

Wait times tend to be lengthier depending upon which function you’re selecting, however joining a Guided Game is exceptionally simple. To sign up with a Guided Video Game for a Nightfall strike, head to your Desticountries tab (hold the touchpad on PlayStation 4) and then choose the Strikes option in the top-left corner. From tbelow, scroll to the ideal, and also you’ll check out a tab for Guided Games.

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You do have to development sufficient with the story for this function to be made easily accessible. You deserve to also use Guided Games for Raids.

If you’re a perchild that is already affiliated via a two-member group, you deserve to click the Guide switch. After you pick this, a pledge will appear on your screen. Once you officially accept the oath, the game will immediately pair you via a fellow user. 

You’ll quickly discover that it’s a bit even more complicated if you’re interested in starting raids bereason you have to find and pair your team with various other individuals. If you want to perform this, you deserve to do so by navigating to the location web page. Once you’re at this allude, search for the raid option (you must see this at the height of the page). If you alert a small Guided Games badge, you’re certainly in the appropriate area. 

You’ll need to increase your power level to 280 for first-year content if you desire a possibility at coming to be a Guide as a beginner. We additionally want to suggest out that at least half of the players in your gang need to already be clan members. If you’re a perkid who’d much quite be a seeker, you deserve to attain this by acquiring to a power level of 260. Players can begin trying to find an available position right away, however remember that it can take a little time and also initiative before you discover one.