A tower situation sits upbest and can be as high as two feet and has actually room for several drives. Often used for servers, this Type of situation is additionally great for PC customers who anticipate upgrading, because tower cases provide maximum area for working inside a computer system and relocating components around. A desktop situation lies flat and periodically serves double-duty as a monitor stand also.

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Both ports are used to transmit video however a DVI port have the right to transmit digital or analog video while the HDMI can just transmit digital video. However before, the HDMI port have the right to also transmit digital audio at the very same time as digital video.
4. List 3 reasons you need to usage equivalent create determinants for the motherboard power supply, and instance.
Using corresponding create determinants assures you that: The motherboard fits in the situation. The power supply cords to the motherboard carry out the correct voltage, and also the connectors enhance the relations on the board. The holes in the motherboard align through the holes in the case for anchoring the board to the instance. The holes in the instance align with ports coming off the motherboard. For some develop factors, wires for switches and lights on the front of the instance complement up via connections on the motherboard. The holes in the power supply align via holes in the instance for anchoring the power supply to the case.
The PATA interface, also dubbed the IDE interconfront, offers a vast 40-pin ribbon cable and connector. The standard enables for only 2 connectors on a motherboard for 2 data cables. Each IDE ribbon cable has a connection at the various other finish for an IDE drive and also a connection in the middle of the cable for a 2nd IDE drive. Using this interconfront, a motherboard have the right to accommoday up to four IDE or PATA drives in one mechanism. PATA drives use a 4-pin power connector dubbed a Molex power connector. A Molex connector is shaped so it connects in only one direction.
Electricity have the right to be either AC, alternating existing, or DC, straight present. Alternative present (AC) goes back and also forth, or oscillates, fairly than traveling in only one direction. Voltage in the system is constantly alternating from positive to negative, which causes the power to circulation initially in one direction and also then in the other. Direct present (DC) travels in just one direction and is the kind of present that many electronic tools need, consisting of computers.
AC travels on a warm line from the power terminal to a structure and also retransforms to the power station on a neutral line. When the two lines reach the structure and also enter an electrical tool, such as a lamp, the gadget controls the flow of electrical power between the hot and neutral lines. If an much easier path (one via less resistance) is accessible, the electrical power complies with that course. This can reason a short, a sudden boost in flow that deserve to likewise produce a sudden rise in temperature—sufficient to start a fire and also injure both people and tools. To prevent unmanaged power in a short, the neutral line is grounded. Grounding a line suggests that the line is linked directly to the earth, so that, in the occasion of a short, the electrical power flows right into the earth and also not earlier to the power terminal.
The power cord is frayed or otherwise damaged in any type of means. Water or other liquid is on the floor approximately the tool or spilled on it. The device has been exposed to excess moisture.The tool has actually been dropped or you notification physical damage. You smell a strong electronics odor. The power supply or fans are making a whining noise. You alert smoke coming from the computer situation or the situation feels unnormally heat.
A ground bracelet, additionally referred to as an ESD strap, antistatic wrist strap, or ESD bracelet, is a strap you wear around your wrist. The strap has actually a cord attached through an alligator clip on the end. Attach the clip to the computer case you"re working on. Any static electrical power between you and also the situation is currently discharged. Thus, as you job-related inside the situation, you will certainly not damages the components via static power. The bracelet also includes a resistor that prevents power from harming you.
Rule 1: When passing a circuit board, memory module, or other sensitive component to an additional perkid, ground yourself and then touch the other perkid prior to you pass the component.Rule 2: Leave components inside their protective bags until you are all set to usage them.Rule 3: Work on hard floors, not carpet, or usage antistatic spray on the carpets.Rule 4: Don"t occupational on a computer system if you or the computer have simply come in from the cold because tright here is more risk of ESD when the setting is cold and dry.Rule 5: When unpacking hardware or software program, remove the packing tape and also cellophane from the work location as soon as possible because these products tempt ESD.Rule 6: Keep components amethod from your hair and also clothes.
Make notes as you job-related so that you can backtrack later if important. Rerelocate loose jewelry that might gain caught in cables and also components as you occupational. To continue to be arranged and also not shed small components, keep screws and spacers orderly and in one area, such as a cup or tray. Don"t stack boards on peak of each other. When dealing with motherboards, cards, or drives, don"t touch the chips on the tool. Hold growth cards by the edges. To safeguard a microchip, do not touch it through a magnetized screwdriver. Never before ever before touch the inside of a computer that is turned on. Never before remove the cover or put your hands inside a monitor or power supply. As you work, remember to watch out for sharp edges on computer system instances that have the right to reduced you. In a classroom atmosphere, after you have actually reassembled everything, have actually your instructor inspect your work prior to you put the cover ago on and also power up.
13. What should you carry out after you unplug the computer to be sure the power supply is entirely drained?
Press and also host dvery own the power switch for a minute.
14. What have to you perform to dissipate any charge in between you and also the computer?
Clip your ground bracelet to the side of the computer system case.
15. What should you carry out prior to disconnecting the wires leading from the front of the computer system case to the motherboard if you do not have the motherboard hand-operated handy?
Be exceptionally careful to diagram just how these wires attach bereason they are never before labeled well on a motherboard.
A motherboard is installed so that the bottom of the board does not touch the situation. If the fine traces or lines on the bottom of the board were to touch the instance, a short would outcome when the mechanism is running. To save the board from touching the instance, spacers or standoffs may be supplied.
17. List and also explain three front panel connectors you will certainly likely check out going from the front panel to the motherboard.
Power SW. Controls power to the motherboard; should be associated for the PC to power up HDD LED. Controls the drive activity light on the front panel that lights up as soon as any type of SATA or IDE device is in use (HDD represents difficult disk drive; LED stands for light-emitting diode) Power LED+. Positive LED controls the power light and suggests that power is onPower LED-. Negative LED controls the power light; the 2 positive and negative leads indicate that power is on Reset SW. Switch used to reboot the computer
The cooler sits on height of the processor and consists of a fan and a heat sink. A warmth sink supplies fins that attract warm amethod from the processor. The fan have the right to then blow the warmth ameans.
Using liquid cooling, a tiny pump sits inside the computer system instance, and also tubes relocate liquid roughly components and then ameans from them to a location wright here fans can cool the liquid, comparable to exactly how a auto radiator works.
20. What are two significant points you have to keep in mind as soon as selecting the correct wattage capacity for a power supply?
Video cards draw the the majority of power. Video cards attract the most power in a mechanism, and they draw from the +12 V output. If your mechanism has a video card, pay certain attention to the +12 V rating. The trfinish nowadays is for the motherboard to provide the video components and also video port, thus reducing the in its entirety wattage requirements for a mechanism. The power supply should be rated around 30 percent better than supposed needs. Power supplies that run at much less than peak performance last longer and do not overwarm. In enhancement, a power supply loses some of its capacity over time. Also, do not issue around a greater rated power supply making use of too much electrical power. Materials only draw what they require.
21. Describe the LGA2011 processor socket the CPUs it supports, targeted applications, and also any kind of one-of-a-kind considerations for its implementation.
Second Generation (SandyBridge) Core i7 Extreme,Core i7, Core i5, Core i3,Pentium, and also Celeron. 2011 pins in the socket touch 2011 lands on the processor, which offers a flip-chip land grid variety (FCLGA).Used in high-finish gaming and server computers and also can require a liquid cooling device.
A ZIF socket is a zero insertion pressure socket. When a processor is set up in a socket, excessive treatment need to be taken to safeguard the socket and also the processor against ESD and also from damages led to by bfinishing the pins or scratching the socket holes in the time of the installation. So that also force is used as soon as inserting the processor in the socket, all present processor sockets have one or two levers on the sides of the socket. These sockets are dubbed zero insertion pressure (ZIF) sockets
A chipcollection is a collection of chips on the motherboard that functions very closely via the processor to jointly manage the memory, buses on the motherboard, and also some peripherals. The chipset need to be compatible through the processor it serves.
This hub has a quick and sluggish finish, and also each end is a sepaprice chip on the motherboard. The quick end of the hub, referred to as the North Bridge, contains the graphics and also memory controller, and also connects directly to the processor by means of a 64-little bus, referred to as the Front Side Bus (FSB), device bus, or organize bus. The sreduced end of the hub, referred to as the South Bridge, consists of the I/O controller hub (ICH). All I/O (input/output) devices, other than video, attach to the hub by utilizing the sreduced South Bridge.
25. What are the many kind of fine lines on the top and also bottom of a motherboard"s surface? What is the objective of these lines?
These lines, occasionally called traces, are circuits or routes that enable information, instructions, and also power to move from component to component on the board. This mechanism of pathways provided for communication and also the protocol and approaches offered for transmission are collectively called the bus. The components of the bus that we are the majority of acquainted via are the lines of the bus that are supplied for data; these lines are referred to as the information bus. A bus deserve to additionally carry electrical power (to power components on the motherboard), manage signals (to coordinate activity), and memory addresses (for one regimen to tell an additional program wright here to discover data or instructions).
The device clock or system timer,is dedicated to timing the activities on the motherboard a lot choose a metronome helps a musician via timing. The chipcollection sends out a continuous pulsating electrical signal on one line of the device bus. This one mechanism clock line, dedicated to carrying the pulse, is review by various other components on the motherboard (consisting of the processor, bus slots, memory slots, and so forth) and also ensures that all activities are synchronized.
PCI Expush (PCIe) uses an altogether different architectural architecture than standard PCI and PCI-X; PCIe is not backward compatible through either. PCI Expush will certainly eventually relocation both these bprovides and also the AGP bus, although it is meant PCI Express will coexist via traditional PCI for some time to come. Whereas PCI offers a 32-little bit or 64-little parallel bus, PCI Expush supplies a serial bus, which is much faster than a parallel bus bereason it transmits data in packets comparable to exactly how an Ethernet netoccupational, USB, and FireWire transmit information. A PCIe growth slot have the right to provide one or more of these serial lanes. Anvarious other difference in PCI Expush is exactly how it connects to the processor. One or more PCI Express slots offered for video cards have a straight link to the North Bridge or to the processor (making use of Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge architecture). PCI Express currently comes in four different slot sizes referred to as PCI Expush ×1, ×4, ×8, and also ×16.
CMOS RAM is a convenient strategy to keep configuration data. CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) is a method of manufacturing microchips, and CMOS RAM is a tiny amount of memory stored on the motherboard supplied to organize motherboard settings. This CMOS RAM retains the data also once the computer system is turned off bereason it is charged by a nearby battery. A program in BIOS, referred to as BIOS setup or CMOS setup, have the right to conveniently make alters to the settings stored in CMOS RAM.
29. What is the purpose of the motherboard supervisor password and how have the right to it be cleared if it is forgotten?
Many motherboards this particular day allow you to collection a supervisor password (to make transforms in setup BIOS) or a power-on password (to gain accessibility to the system). Kcurrently that these passwords are not the exact same password that can be forced by a Windows OS at startup. If both passwords are forgained, you cannot use the computer system. However, jumpers deserve to be set to clear both passwords.
30. What is a machine driver and also what is the function of motherboard chauffeurs when you update a motherboard or install a new motherboard?
Device vehicle drivers are tiny programs stored on the tough drive and installed in Windows that tell Windows how to communicate through a particular hardware tool such as a printer, network port on the motherboard, or scanner. The CD that comes bundled through the motherboard includes a user overview and also motorists for its onboard components, and also these motorists need to be set up in Windows. You deserve to initially install the chauffeurs from CD, and you have the right to likewise update the vehicle drivers by downloading and install them from the motherboard manufacturer"s web website.
31. There are nine attributes that affect performance and compatibility of a processor with the motherboard. List 4 of them.
Feature 1: Clock speed the processor supports. Feature 2: Processor speed. Feature 3: Socket and also chipcollection the processor have the right to use. Feature 4: Processor architecture (32 bits or 64 bits). Feature 5: Multihandling abilities.Feature 6: Memory cache, which is the amount of memory had within the processor package.Feature 7: The memory attributes on the motherboard that the processor have the right to assistance.Feature 8: Support for virtualization.Feature 9: Integrated graphics.
Memory on the processor die is dubbed Level 1 cache (L1 cache). Memory in the processor package, but not on the processor die, is called Level 2 cache (L2 cache). Some processors usage a third cache farther from the processor core, however still in the processor package, which is called Level 3 cache (L3 cache).
An input/output (I/O) unit maneras information and also instructions entering and leaving the processor. A manage unit manperiods all activities inside the processor itself. One or even more arithmetic logic units (ALUs) do all logical comparisons and calculations inside the processor. Registers, which are tiny holding locations on the processor chip, work much choose RAM does exterior the processor to hold counters, data, instructions, and also addresses that the ALU is presently processing. Internal memory caches (L1, L2, and also possibly L3) hold data and instructions waiting to be processed by the ALU. Bsupplies inside the processor attach components within the processor housing.
The rate at which the processor operates internally is dubbed the processor frequency. For example, if the processor operates at 3.2 GHz internally but the Front Side Bus is operating at 800 MHz, the processor opeprices at 4 times the FSB rate. This aspect is called the multiplier.
The existing AMD processor families are the FX, Phenom, Athlon, and also Sempron for desktops and the Athlon, Turion, V Series, Phenom, and Sempron for laptop computers.
If the cooler has thermal compound preapplied, rerelocate the plastic from the compound. If the cooler does not have thermal compound applied, put a small dot of compound (around the dimension of a small pea) in the facility of the processor. When the cooler is attached and the processor is running, the compound spreads over the surchallenge. Don"t usage also much—simply enough to later on develop a thin layer. If you usage as well much compound, it have the right to slide off the housing and damage the processor or circuits on the motherboard. To gain simply the appropriate amount, you can buy individual packets that each contain a solitary application of the thermal compound.
37. After you have mounted a processor what have to you do if you revolve on the system and power comes on however you do not see any output on the display screen and also the mechanism does not seem to be going via its normal boot procedure?
If the power comes on (you hear the fan spinning and also see lights), however the device fails to job-related, many likely the processor is not seated solidly in the socket or some power cord has actually not yet been associated or is not solidly associated. Turn every little thing off, unplug the power cord, press the power switch to drain power, open up the instance, and recheck your installation.
All new motherboards for desktops sold today usage a kind of memory module called a DIMM (dual inline memory module). Laptops usage a smaller sized version of a DIMM dubbed a SO-DIMM (tiny outline DIMM and pronounced "sew-dim"). MicroDIMMs are used on subnotebook computer systems and also are smaller than SO-DIMMs. An older type of module is a RIMM, which is designed by Rambus, Inc. Really old computers supplied SIMMs (single inline memory module). You"re unmost likely to ever watch these modules in working computer systems.
39. What are the 3 category of DDR memory and how do they compare via regular SDRAM and each other?
Double Data Rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM, or SDRAM II, or simply DDR) is an boosted version of SDRAM. DDR runs twice as quick as continuous SDRAM, has one notch, and also uses 184 pins. Instead of handling information for each beat of the system clock, as continuous SDRAM does, it processes data once the beat rises and again when it drops, doubling the data rate of memory. If a motherboard runs at 200 MHz, DDR memory runs at 400 MHz. Two various other enhancements over DDR are DDR2 and DDR3. DDR2 is faster and also uses less power than DDR. DDR3 is faster and offers much less power than DDR2. Both DDR2 and DDR3 use 240 pins, although their notches are not in the exact same place. They are not compatible, and also the various notch positions save someone from installing a DDR2 or DDR3 DIMM in the wrong memory slot.
40. Tbelow are five inquiries that you must answer prior to adding memory to a device. List three of those 5.
How a lot RAM carry out I need and exactly how a lot is presently installed?How many type of and also what type of memory modules are presently set up on my motherboard?How many kind of and also what type of modules deserve to I fit on my motherboard?How do I pick and purchase the ideal modules for my upgrade?How carry out I physically install the brand-new modules?
A solid state drive (SSD), also referred to as a solid state device (SSD), is called solid state bereason it has no moving parts. In an SSD drive, flash memory is stored on EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) chips inside the drive real estate. The chips contain grids of rows and columns through 2 transistors at each intersection that host a zero or one little. One of these transistors is referred to as a floating gate and accepts the zero or one state according to a logic test dubbed NAND (represents "Not AND"). Thus, the memory in an SSD is referred to as NAND flash memory.
A magnetic hard drive has actually one, 2, or more platters, or disks, that stack together and also spin in unikid inside a sealed steel housing that has firmware to manage reading and also writing data to the drive and also to communicate via the motherboard. The top and bottom of each disk have a read/write head that moves across the disk surconfront as all the disks turn on a spindle. The read/write heads are controlled by an actuator, which moves the read/compose heads across the disk surdeals with in unichild. The disk surencounters are covered with a magnetic tool that have the right to organize information as magnetized spots.
File is organized on a magnetic difficult drive in concentric circles, called tracks. Each track is divided into segments dubbed sectors (likewise dubbed records). Older hard drives provided sectors that had 512 bytes. Most present difficult drives usage 4096-byte sectors.
A difficult drive supplies among 2 approaches to transport data in between the hard drive and memory: DMA (straight memory access) transfer mode or PIO (Programmed Input/Output) transport mode. DMA transfers data straight from the drive to memory without entailing the CPU. PIO mode requires the CPU and also is slower and also older than DMA mode.
PATA drives move information in parallel fashion whereas SATA offers serial transfers.PATA drives are linked 2 per cable and also SATA drives are linked one per cable.SATA interfaces are much much faster than PATA interencounters.SATA deserve to be hot-swapped whereas PATA cannot.
SCSI (pronounced "scuzzy") stands for Small Computer System Interchallenge and is a standard for interaction in between a subdevice of peripheral tools and the device bus. The SCSI bus deserve to assistance approximately 7 or 15 devices, depending upon the SCSI standard. SCSI devices tfinish to be much faster, even more expensive, and also more difficult to install than similar ATA tools.
When selecting a difficult drive, store in mind that to obtain the finest performance from the mechanism, the system BIOS and the tough drive have to support the very same standard. If they do not assistance the exact same conventional, they revert to the slower standard that both have the right to usage, or the drive will not job-related at all.

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48. What are three of the factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a difficult drive that influence performance use, and price?
49. What perform you need to execute after you install a brand-new tough drive in an existing mechanism that currently has actually a hard drive through Windows installed?
Boot Windows and use the Disk Management energy in Windows to prepare the drive for initially use (dubbed partitioning and also formatting the drive).
50. What are the 4 feasible configurations for a drive that is installed in a device with four EIDE devices?
Main IDE channel, grasp devicePrimary IDE channel, slave deviceSecondary IDE channel, understand deviceSecondary IDE channel, servant device
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