BELLESomewright here, there's a darn nice fellaDeep down inside.PINCHLEYDeep dvery own inside?BELLEDeep down in the old sub-cella'.Somewhere, though I think he fell a-Sleep dvery own inside,Deep dvery own, dig-a, dig-a-,Deep down inside.PINCHLEYSometimes I am darn near humanDeep down inside.BELLEDeep down inside.PINCHLEYDeep down wright here the bass is boomin'.Sometimes, gotta take that broom n'Sweep dvery own inside,Sweep down, dig-a, dig-a-,Deep dvery own inside.BELLE & PINCHLEYNo male is a true pariahDeep down inside,Deep dvery own inside,Deep dvery own in the old spare tiah.No male is a true UriahHeep dvery own inside,There's a lover that you simply can't store dvery own,Deep down inside.Deep dvery own inside.BELLE: We found it, Mr. Pinchley! We discovered that littlelittle of excellent in you!PINCHLEY: Do you think other civilization would choose me?BELLE: Try it and check out.PINCHLEY: All ideal, I will. Junior!!!JUNIOR: Did you scream, father?PINCHLEY: Junior, just how around you and me going out andhaving dinner together sometime?JUNIOR: Oh, Daddy!PINCHLEY: He referred to as me Daddy!BELLE: He likes you.PINCHLEY: And I don't also prefer him!JUNIORIn also the worst of varmints,You'll find a good deed,Dvery own under the outer garmentsOf malice and also greed.PINCHLEYThat bit gold streak is shinin',Believe it or not.BELLE, PINCHLEY, JUNIORThat is, if you don't mind minin'Till you hit rock bottom.JUNIORSexpedition down...BELLERip dvery own...PINCHLEYMeet a actual pip down...BELLEDeep dvery own, deep dvery own...PINCHLEYInside.BELLEDeep dvery own, deep dvery own...PINCHLEYInside.JUNIORSlip dvery own...BELLEZip dvery own...PINCHLEYMake a small pilgrimage dvery own...BELLEGo dvery own...JUNIORLow down...PINCHLEYMeet a good Joe dvery own...ALLUnder your hide.On that shovel get a actual great gripAnd dip down in...Dip dvery own in...Dip dvery own inside.PEOPLEThree cheers for Pinchley!He's true blue!We knew evinch'lyHe'd come through!'Causage Pinchley is a genuine nice humanDeep dvery own inside,Deep dvery own inside...PINCHLEYDeep dvery own there's a violet bloomin'.PEOPLEPinchley ain't a low inhumanCreep dvery own inside.He's a fella through a heart that massive,All you gotta execute is dig, dig, dig.Snoop dvery own...Stoop dvery own...Get the actual poop down...Deep down, deep dvery own...Down where?Deep dvery own, deep down...Right there!Scoop down...Troop dvery own...Bring a little group dvery own.Get dvery own...Set dvery own...Meet a good bet downUnder your hide.(Don't let down!)Then rise up and offer a hip, hip, hip, hip...Three cheers for Pinchley!He's okay!We recognize essinch'lyHe's Grade-A!'Cause no male is a expect old geezerClear down inside,(No suppose geezer!)Peer dvery own inside,(He's a pleaser!)Clear down in the geezer freezer.No man can deny that he's aDear down inside.PINCHLEYDear miss Schlumpfert,You've been such a comfort!PEOPLEDeep, deep, deep down,Deep down inside!In even the worst of varmints,You'll find a good deed,Dvery own under the external garmentsOf malice and greed.That bit gold streak is shinin',Believe it or not.That is, if you don't mind minin'Till you hit rock bottom.
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