1970s/80s educational anti-drug films. Can you aid me recognize this one? And (hopefully) find it online?

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When I remained in 7th and 8th grade - in around 1982 and also 83 - our health course curriculum featured a handful of anti-drug movies, presented on film projectors. This was in New Jersey, if location matters.Tbelow was one that I have actually never before been able to forget, and a current Facebook thread reuniting some of my classmates reflects that NONE of us were able to forobtain it. We can not remember many kind of identifying details, but together we"ve determined several clues or motifs. I"m hoping the hivemind deserve to identify the film based on some of these specifics.1. Tright here was a narrator voice employed throughout the film, and it was type of a "Superfly" blaxploitation-style, cool and also worldly-sounding male voice.2. One of the motifs this voice repetitive, whenever before a topic of the film finished up dead, was that "Dead is Dead." Many type of of us are convinced that "Dead is Dead" is the title of the film, but searcs have actually so much not produced this film under that title.3. One scene involves a guy strung out on somepoint vomiting bappropriate green vomit in a stairwell.4. Anvarious other scene involves an rich, subcity white woman that has life stress and takes some sort of pill for it. The narration goes something choose "Had a poor day? Pop a pill! Car will not start? Pop a pill!" Eventually the narrator visits her house and opens up a suitinstance full of drugs, explaining just how she would get hooked on each one over time. The last drug was cocaine, and his quote about that was something favor " it ends through the mommy of all dirty drugs, sweet cocaine."I would really love to know even more around this film - its provenance, that was in it, that produced it, that funded it - and also it would be amazing to check out it aget, if anyone has actually it streaming online. IN hopes that slrfc.org"s army have the right to turn somepoint up - thanks!
Found this on a forum:The content of Dead is Dead is as coldly matter-of-reality as the title. Produced by actor Godfrey Cambridge, this informational video discusses drug addiction: its causes and also its possible cures. Several real-life addicts are displayed fighting their addiction by going through rehab therapy. This 21-minute reality dose is not designed to be pretty: Cambridge encounters a tough topic through commensuprice toughness. The manufacturing date of Dead is Dead is uncertain, yet we"ll area it in the early 1970s. ~ Hal Erickchild, All Movie GuideAvailable to rent on VHS right here.posted by jenny76 at 8:08 PM on August 4, 2011
Response by poster: jenny 76, that is absolutely the film - so interesting to watch that others remember it the same way! I"ll begin adhering to some of these leads, yet still hope to turn up a link wbelow the film is archived or otherwise easily accessible...posted by Miko at 8:49 PM on August 4, 2011
does component of this film take area at JFK Airport? i"ve been trying to think around the name of the anti-drug film I experienced years back and also the expression "pop a pill" rang a bell for me. i believed the "pop a pill" woman someexactly how finished up at JFK at some allude in her story...posted by kuppajava at 7:58 AM on August 5, 2011
I saw that film, in nine grade in Coloraperform. It was as you described. In addition to the bappropriate green projectile vomiting, I also remember images of horrible open up wounds from utilizing dirty needles, and a photo of a face- the lining of the nostril had someexactly how come to be detached from the inside of the nose, and was hanging out of the nostril, inflated, inside-out. The narration alleged that this was the outcome of excessive cocaine use.That movie scared the bejesus out of me, and still squicks me out 30 years later. posted by ambrosia at 10:14 AM on August 5, 2011
Well, just obtained home from watching this shocking gem at avgeeks" residence, and still processing. I"ve watched most 16mm anti-drug films and also this one is right up tbelow at (and also over) the optimal. It"s well worth seeing, a actual duration piece and also an evident timeless of the genre. Producer Godfrey Cambridge, star of Melvin Van Peebles" 1970 white-man-turns-babsence flick Watermelon Man, tells us at the start a pair of friends died of overdoses, and he is Serious about his mission, staring you dvery own for long durations as he tells you the truth about what awaits all customers.I"m unclear around whether the junkie shitting his pants in withdrawal was actual or not, yet will certainly resolve for the position that if it wasn"t real, it was certainly the best-acted junkie shitting his pants in withdrawal ever before filmed.Miko, your memory of a Superfly/Blaxploitation vibe is best on; the music at the start and end is Curtis Mayfield"s "Stone Junkie" and also Bill Withers" "Lean on Me" is playing as the woguy in the stairwell crawls up the actions, provides up, turns towards the camera and projectile vomits. It"s fairly efficient. I"m not sure at what it"s rather reliable, but it"s certainly a powerful scene. And that scene through Cambridge on the couch via his drug sample repertoire and also the submetropolitan white mom is really bizarre - he kinda teaches her how to use each one in the classical "anti-drug film reflects kids exactly how to use drugs" style.ambrosia"s right around all the gruesome shots of open sores, noses, twisted dead junkie corpses in trash cans, dead youngsters, and so on They"re completely unflinching and also really challenging to watch. (No JFK in this one, kuppajava.) Anymeans, I have the right to check out why it would certainly be unforgettable to see as a boy, for certain.posted by mediareport at 8:52 PM on February 12, 2012
Oh, and Skip additionally listed among the points that makes "Dead Is Dead" distinctive is the means it hits hard at the hypocrisy of parents" own drug usage (Miko"s "pop a pill!" memory), and also additionally calls out medical professionals, pharmacists and also pharmaceutical providers especially. That was surprisingly blunt.posted by mediareport at 8:58 PM on February 12, 2012
One even more and also I"ll stop; I forgot another good bit: at the finish, Cambridge supplies some sharply political suggestions, including boycotting products from Turkey, Southeastern Asia and other countries that sfinish drugs to the US, and recommends reading the 1972 book The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, which documented CIA complicity in trafficking. Unusual stuff to uncover in an anti-drug educational film.posted by mediareport at 9:33 PM on February 12, 2012
Response by poster: Wow, this is amazing! Hearing your summary, not only is it no surprise I have vivid memories of this from 7th grade -- what I"m amazed around is that it was OK to present this to seventh graders. Not sure that would fly currently. Most of all I"m glad I wasn"t just imagining/exaggerating. Since this thread was posted I joined a Facebook group of human being from my high school, and also this was one major topic of discussion. For what it"s worth, many human being attributed it via instilling significant are afraid of drugs. Not that they would have actually turned out to be junkies if not for the film, but it was definitely attitude-defining.posted by Miko at 7:47 AM on February 13, 2012
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