Dark Souls 2 players deserve to usage the Fragrant Branch of Yore item to access brand-new areas or personalities, and below is eincredibly time you deserve to usage it.

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Throughout Dark Souls II, players will certainly enrespond to petrified stone statues that will speak them from proceeding to a brand-new area, obtaining an object, or talking to a vital NCOMPUTER. To reclaim these statues, players should use the consumable item, the Fragive Branch of Yore.

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Players deserve to find many type of Fragive Branches of Yore throughout the game in chests, well-surprise areas, or marketed by sellers. Tbelow are many type of areas in the game wright here the player can usage it to accessibility different locations or NPCs. Note: these places correlate to the Scholar of the First Sin edition of the game.

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Tbelow is a statue blocking the last door in the game"s starting area. Once players have actually a Branch, they deserve to make their means back to Things Betwixt and accessibility this area.

This little location has an Estus Flask Stough, which will rise the player"s usage of Estus Flask"s and also a coffin that will certainly let players adjust their gender.

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From the major hub area, players deserve to walk toward the entrance of the Shaded Woods. Except they cannot as there is a statue blocking their path. This is one of the only petrified statues that has actually stayed consistent from the game"s first version.

Use a Fragrant Branch to obtain access to this essential location and also Rosabeth of Melfia. She will sell pyromancies to the player and also upgrade the Pyromancy Flame.

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After beating the Dragonrider boss, players deserve to descfinish to an underground passagemethod to No-man"s Wharf. However, before making their method to the next area, players head to a second level from the flooded corridors to restore a statue.

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This allows players accessibility to another Estus Flask Sdifficult and a Knight armor set. Just make certain to watch out for the Primal Knight blocking the method.

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There are a couple of statues in the Lost Bastille location. The first statue is in front of the Ruin Sentinels boss room (a fight that might need co-op). In truth, if players desire to accessibility this boss fight, they need to use a Fraprovide Branch to enter the boss area.

The second is in a room of exploding hollows. Make sure not to touch them and head to the cell via the petrified statue in front of it. Restoring it will let players access the Straid"s Cell bonfire and also talk to Straid of Olaphis, that can provide boss heart tools.

Players deserve to uncover the following petrified statue in the Babsence Gulch. Right prior to entering The Rotten"s boss location, turn best and drop down to a ledge.

Tbelow will be a statue blocking a cave entrance. Use a Fraapprove Branch, kill the foe, and also enter the cave. Tbelow will certainly be a secret bonfire in this location that will assist players that execute not want to endure the Black Gulch"s poisonous statues" wrath.

Tright here are several petrified statues put throughout the Shaded Ruins location. Players deserve to uncover the first by jumping down from the Shaded Ruins bonfire. Disfix the statue, fight the enemy and obtain the Fang Key. Players can discover one more in an open area surrounded by yellow vases. Kill the lion warrior to achieve the Repair sorcery, 3 Bleeding Serums, and also 3 Effigies.

Another lion warrior statue is at the back of the Shaded Ruins. It will drop the Warlock Mask after it is beat. Next off, head to the tunnel behind Manscorpion Tark, which will certainly generate Vengral. Killing him will give the player the Vengral armor collection. Proceed, and discover one more lion warrior statue. Resave it to produce a shortreduced back to the bridge. Continue inside the dilapidated structure to find one more statue blocking the method.

After the Demon of Tune boss fight, players can discover a small area of the Shrine of Amana before proceeding to the next location, Undead Crypt. In this location, players will certainly discover a staircase that leads to a tower and the Rise of the Dead bonfire.

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However, tbelow is a petrified statue blocking the means. Use a Fraapprove Branch to accessibility the bonfire and also the Fire of Nito, which will regain player"s mankind if they are hollow and have no effigies in their inventory. However before, players have to be hollow to accessibility the door to acquire to the Fire of Nito.

Players can discover a number of statues in Aldia"s Keep. The first is at the peak of the second flight of stairs in the initially area after entering the Keep. Disresolve the ogre statue, kill it, and drop the Dragon Acolyte Mask when defeated.

The last two statues are on the highest level of the Keep in front of the caged basilisk. The left statue will drop 2 bonfire ascetics, and also the best will drop two Wilted Dusk Herbs and also 2 Elizabeth Mushrooms after they are killed.

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The last petrified statue in the game is in the Dragon Aerie area. In the conventional version of the game, this statue was not there. However before, in the Scholar of the First Sin, it pressures players to take the different course.

Cross the initially rope bridge and regain the statue. It will strike the player, yet the enemy shouldn"t be too hard. Once it is defeated, the player have the right to progression to the remainder of the area.

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