The benefits and also banes of COMPUTER gaming is that you acquire most freedom of ease of access as soon as you play games, however you additionally acquire a ton of unknown situations that can damage the mood also... choose start-up crashes.

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In the instance of Dark Souls II, some PC gamers are running right into an unwelcoming trouble that revolves about the game crashing just as it"s started up. Thanktotally, tbelow are a few fixes available to assist make the experience of dying and also dying some more that much even more enjoyable.

Crave Online has actually a quick guide up explaining methods to fix the start-up crash problem; although you must be warned that this might occupational for some of you however not all of you.

According to the article, tbelow are 2 fixes that can assist put your game earlier right into a state of playcapability. The first is as adheres to...

On AMD video cards, go to control centre. under Properties (Digital flat-panel) and also allowing GPU scaling. Apply and start game.

There"s another workabout said too, although it"s slightly more facility. Check it out listed below.

* Select Dark Souls 2 in Steam.

* Unplug your HDMI/DVI Cable.

* Hit Get in (this will start the game).

* Plug it back in. Using this workroughly the game is locked to windowed mode 1280×720.

* After setting your resolution and also fulldisplay screen mode in the options food selection, restart the game using the very same strategy. For some civilization this will certainly permit the game to be played at their preferred resolution and in fulldisplay screen mode. Some human being have reported not having actually sound making use of this workaround.

As stated, this strategy functions for some customers, allowing them to gain right into the game and also bypass the start-up crash favor a perfectly great minivan carpooling to work while passing by a mangled corvette on the highmethod.

Furthermore, TotalBiscuit additionally uses some options and insight right into the COMPUTER variation of the game, even explaining what resolution is finest for downsampling. You can check out his own overview and also minor suggestions for tweaking in the video listed below.

If those tweaks weren"t enough for you, store in mind that there are even more tweaks easily accessible for those of you who might desire to gain even more of your gameplay endure or if you"re searching for a far better way to maximize the performance of your GPU when playing Dark Souls II on PC. The now legendary Durante has offered up a really comprehensive article offering remedies and tweaking approaches for From Software"s latest action-RPG over on PC Gamer.

Just examine out some of the distinctions when making some minor adjustments to the settings.


For those of you who are still on the fence regarding whether or not the COMPUTER version is worth the investment, and you"re seeing an post favor this and thinking “You Glorious COMPUTER Master Race members have method too a lot trouble playing and also reap games”, just watch the sacrifice you make by sticking to the consingle ghetto and playing at sub-30fps and also the visually-bankrupt 720p resolution with this COMPUTER versus Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics comparison. 4K resolution and 60fps make a large difference in exactly how you gain and play the game. In fact, steady frame-price is the specific factor why I made COMPUTER my primary gaming platcreate.

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You have the right to pick up a digital copy of Dark Souls II ideal currently for PC from participating digital distributors.