Larry scores some rare social victories via his “accidental text on purpose” gamlittle bit in an extremely funny Curb Your Enthusiasm


Funnily sufficient, it starts off in a decidedly ‘90s way: an aircraft. Jokes about the trip experience are so tired at this point that the go-to is to make fun of them in Jerry Seinfeld’s characteristic whine.

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“What’s the attend to plane food?!?” “What’s the attend to coach on an airplane?!?!” “What’s the deal with airpl….” *hundreds of locusts spill forth from Jerry’s mouth, and cover the audience till they leave just sibrand-new and also bones slumped over in their chairs*

Larry David’s observations on airplanes have little to add to the hacky standup joke canon. Yes, it sucks to obtain the middle seat. Yes, it sucks to miss your flight bereason you were watching Sophia Loren in Arabesque.


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Thankcompletely, this is simply a quick set up to present some of the main players in this week’s tragedy of Curb Your Enthusiasm hubris. Nine seasons in, Ed Begley Jr. provides his deyet on Curb Your Enthusiasm (that feels impossible to write. Begley Jr. really hasn’t been on Curb yet??) as Marty Funkhouser’s frifinish Dr. Nathan Winocour. While Larry is dealing with the after-effects of abdicating his aisle seat to the womale via a supposedly overenergetic bladder, Bebe (June Diane Raphael), a medical emergency breaks out on the plane. Larry turns to Nathan and also asks if he’ll intervene however Dr. Winocour declines to “heed the speak to.”

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Just like that, “The Accidental Text on Purpose” has actually its initially actual villains in the guise of Bebe (who doesn’t as soon as obtain as much as pee throughout the flight) and also Dr. Winocour.

The finest part of this episode is that it is simply pudepend funny. That’s constantly step one for any episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and for really any kind of comedy on tv. But what it’s able to execute in presenting characters who are simply as selfish as Larry but refuse to admit it. This then becomes the rare episode in which Larry is nearly an unambiguous hero to the everyguy.* His best tool in this pursuit for justice in the eponymous “accidental text on objective.”

*I’m sure some world feel this method around eextremely episode. If you’re among them. Please seek some help.

The accidental text on function is pretty straightforward as far as Larry’s harebrained schemes and also theories go. It’s sindicate the act of texting somepoint to a perkid while pretfinishing you intended that message for one more perkid so that perchild A thinks they are getting an unguarded look right into your soul. This, my friends, is Modern Seinfeld. And it’s simply as beautiful as we had hoped.

Larry counsels many of his friends to sfinish the accidental message on function. The initially is Jeff. Larry and also Jeff desire to go to the Rams game on Sunday* but Jeff has to drop Susie off at the airport. So Larry suggests sfinishing the accidental message to Susie through somepoint favor “sorry, L.D. Gotta take Suze to the airport.”


*One point of contention for Curb Your Enthusiasm: no one wants to go to Rams games.

Then the possibility for an additional text arises. Funkhouser’s brand-new girlfrifinish, Marilyn (played by a tragically underused Elizabeth Perkins) is upset via Larry bereason he damaged her dinner party by complaining about the top quality of her tap water and remarking on how fun it would certainly be to stab someone through a steak knife. Funkhouser fires off a message to her ostensibly meant for Larry chastising him and also it works! At least until Marilyn later on witnesses Larry push a perfume lady at Nieman Marcus out of his way. And then Susie ruins the accidental text on purpose gamlittle bit altogether.

It’s not that Larry is ungenerally combative in this episode – he’s untypically combative in every episode – it’s simply that he starts to pile up some victories in this one. He scores a significant win through his accidental text on purpose strategy. It functions for Funkhouser (till Larry ruins it). It functions for Jeff (till Susie’s deep understanding of Larry and also Jeff’s bullshit ruins it). He even helps Richard out with his girlfriend Rhonda (Andrea Savage). Rhonda is clearly uncomfortable through Rictough calling her “honey” so Larry comes up through the brilliant system of inviting her to lunch through them and also then having Ricdifficult call everyone he sees “honey.” This functions till Larry antagonizes Rhonda via a Sophia Loren-induced boner in the time of a pants fitting and then Rictough calls her his “girlfriend.” Whatever before though. Still a win for LD because the “honey” arrangement is as brilliant as the accidental message on purpose.

Even the episodes this season that have struggled on a pure humor and also cinjury level have actually still mostly thrived in pulling off that wonderful Curb Your Enthusiasm feeling of comedic snowballing.* “The Accidental Text on Purpose” is no exemption. After Dr. Winocour clearly ducks out on their golfing trip because he’s losing, costing Larry $200, Winocour tries accidental text on purpose trick through Larry. Big mistake. Larry designed this shit.

*The snowround rolling dvery own the hill acquiring momentum version of snowballing. Not the Clerks version. Don’t look it up.

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Larry confronts Winocour around this treachery at an event at the golf club and while Winocour doesn’t cop to it, Larry is able to sense that both he and his day, Bebe from the aircraft, are lying. Winocour obviously sent out that text on purpose and Bebe obviously doesn’t have actually a bladder condition.