After 13 years of hurt, Kingdom Hearts 3 has actually ultimately been released on PS4 and Xbox One. As per usual, tbelow are numerous Disney-themed civilizations to check out and also fight your way through in Kingdom Hearts 3. This time around, however, Pixar has actually joined the party. Below, you’ll uncover the full list of all Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds and also locations

Tbelow are plenty of Disney lands in Kingdom Hearts 3, via an eye to the even more modern Pixar offerings. You’ll discover out around eextremely Kingdom Hearts 3 world if you save on analysis our full list. Get those Keychisels prepared, you’re going to require them.

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All Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds | Every World in Kingdom Hearts 3


As you deserve to check out in the finish list of every people in Kingdom Hearts 3 above, tright here are salso Disney/Pixar civilizations to discover in Kingdom Hearts 3. You’ll find characters, settings, and also more from the films each of these worlds are based on.

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Below is the list of Disney/Pixar Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 through a little summary of each:

Arendelle: Explore the World of Frozen through Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Svenn, and even more in tow.Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger too are back.Kingdom of Corona: Tangled enters right into Kingdom Hearts Join Rapunzel and the gang below.Monstropolis: Monster’s Inc is here, via Mike, Sully, and even more along for the party.San Fransokyo: The vibrant World of Big Hero 6. You’ll team up through the whole gang.The Caribbean: Fighting alongside Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrowhead, diving into the depths of the sea, and taking component in naval combat.Toy Box: Toy Story enters the action for the first time, through Woody, Buzz, and also more up for the fight.