D. I felt much betterA topic enhance is the adjective, noun, or pronoun that follows a linking verb. The adhering to verbs are true linking verbs: any kind of create of the verb be , end up being, and seem. In the question, the sentence "I felt a lot better" can be re-composed as "I am much better".

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which sentence contains an error in subject-verb agreement? heart and also spirit is the name of my brother’s band. the wall surfaces or the ce
The sentence that includes an error in subject-verb agreement is: The walls or the ceiling are going to be painted beige. This sentence has an error given that the compound topic "wall surfaces and also ceiling" are connected by the word "or". It is a basic dominion that as soon as a compound topic is linked by "or", the closer topic have to agree to the verb. Thus, since ceiling is a singular word, the verb that must be provided should additionally be singular which is "is".

Is the adhering to statement fallacious? “What I dischoose many about this campus is the have to fight over parking spots.”




This is not a fallacy bereason it does not fail to provide reasoning to the debate.

which sentence is composed in nontraditional English? A. I badly desire to go to the concert next weekend. B. i was persuaded that I h

Write a 250-word essay in which you describe the speaker’s use of tone in "Ain’t I a Woman?" Use examples from the text to suppo

She offered the speech in response to a man"s statement around the weakness and inferiority of woguys. This taken place at a convention on the rights of women in Ohio, in 1851. She was persuaded that she deserved the same rights as white men or women and also was figured out to be heard.

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At the start of the speech she offers a relaxed, straight tone generating empathy and also warming up the audience: out of kilter. I think that "twixt the blacks of the South and also the womales at the North, all talking about rights, the white men will be in a solve pretty shortly. But what"s all this here talking about? (1-3)

While the speech proceeds, the tone alters and becomes vigorous and empowering. She gives credibility (Ethos) to the speech by talking about her individual experiences as a slave: "occupational as a lot and also eat as a lot as a man ... and bear the lash as well!"

She uses sevaral devices such as pathos. For instance as soon as she shares hes experiences of his motherhood and also her feelings in relation to it: I have actually borne thirteenager children and seen all offered off to slaexceptionally and as soon as I cried out through my mother grief, none however Jesus heard me! And ain"t I a woman?

To attain certain communicative outcomes, tone and formality are standard in the development of discourse. Everything is based on the intentionality of what is going to be transmitted. Sojourner Truth talked to the audience and mutual their point of watch, invited them to stand beside her.