Section 1 | Peras 1-521. What does Holden Caulfield"s memory of the baseball glove expose around him?2. What does the grammatical framework of Holden"s composing reveal about him? (through thought processes/personality) Why not?3. What carry out we understand of the moment period of this novel?4. How execute you think Holden is being viewed in the eyes of the other boys?Section 2 | Pages 53-1045. What would you execute if you were in Holden"s situation? Would you go home? Would you have actually survived in busy New York City in the middle of a harsh winter?6. What does Phoebe expect for Holden? Why do you think Holden likes her so much? What kind of relationship perform you think they share?7. Why do you think Holden is so persistent over Jane? Do you think he likes her or perform you think it"s just plain jealousy? What does Jane intend for Holden?8. Holden often has actually moments of extreme creativity, for example, on Page 104, Holden imagines himself "...holding onto my guts, blood leaking everywhere the place-" (Salinger 104). What do you think is the purpose of these imaginations? What execute these extreme exaggerations reveal about Holden and his personality?Section 3 | Pages 105-1569. Do you think Caulfield suffers from Bipolar or Depression or is he simply going with a teenager phase?10. Based on Caulfield"s summary of womales, what can you infer about the picture of womales in this time period"s society?11. What does sex expect for Caulfield? Is he really all set for it? Does he acquire along well with others intimately?12. Holden often points out phoniness and talks about his hate for them. However, are tbelow times wright here you feel prefer Holden himself is phony and hypocritical?Section 4 | Pperiods 157-21413. On Page 157, Holden claims "All you have to perform is say somepoint nobody understands and they"ll carry out virtually anypoint you desire them to." What is your viewsuggest over Holden"s claims? Do you agree?14. Based on Holden"s summary, what sort of parenting style execute Holden"s parental fees use? Are they permissive, authoritarian, authoritative?15. What does Holden"s see of his sister, Phoebe present concerning his abilities as a brother?16. What does Holden and also Phoebe"s reminiscence over Allie disclose around their sibling relationships? Has Phoebe and Holden ever before obtained over Allie"s death? What is Phoebe and Holden"s connection through D.B.?Section 5 | Overall Questions17. What perform you think about Holden"s personality? Do teens these days share the same negativity?18. What carry out you think is the all at once theme of the story? What made this book become the American Standard that it is today? What is the message behind this novel?19.

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How a lot have the right to you trust Holden"s summary of his wandering in New York? Do you think his descriptions are specific or perform you think the actual events are misleaded by his exaggerations and also negative human being view?20. How has actually (or hasn"t) Holden changed throughout the novel? Has this wandering with New York changed his personality and character?