cash circulation to shareholders minus net capital spfinishing minus thechange in net functioning capital.

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operating cash circulation minus the change in net working capitalminus net resources spfinishing.

operating cash circulation plus the cash circulation to creditors plus thecash flow to shareholders.

cash flow to shareholders minus the cash circulation to creditors.

22. A non-dividend paying firm sold 10,000 extra shares ofstock this last year. No shares were repurchased. The cash flowstatement for the year need to have actually a:

negative cash circulation from assets.

positive cash flow to stockholders.

positive operating cash flow.

negative cash flow to stockholders.

negative operating cash flow.

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23. The tax price applicable to the following dollar of taxable incomeis referred to as the _____ taxes rate.






24. Cindy"s Crafts had actually start maintained income of $51,200.Throughout the year, the firm reported sales of $112,400, expenses of$75,800, depreciation of $9,100, dividends of $1,500, and also interestpaid of $2,300. The taxes price is 34 percent. What is the retainedrevenue balance at the finish of the year?






25. Sea Harbor, Inc. has actually a marginal taxes rate of 35 percent andan average tax rate of 22 percent. If the firm earns $79,500 intaxable income, how a lot will it owe in taxes?






26. Bluff, Inc. incurred depreciation expenses of $48,500 lastyear. The sales were $358,900 and also the addition to retained earningswas $39,400. The firm phelp interest of $14,300 and dividends of$10,000. The taxes price was 35 percent. What was the amount of thecosts incurred by the firm for last year?






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