Absolutely! You can certainly use NVIDIA graphics card with AMD processor.

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As far as the compatibility goes, it wouldn’t matter whether you choose an AMD or an Intel CPU for your NVIDIA graphics card.

Building PC can be a bit daunting in the beginning. There are so many things to consider from PCIe lanes to CPU cores.

Therefore, it is quite reasonable for a person to ask if they can use an NVIDIA GPUs with AMD processors given the fact that NVIDIA and AMD are both rivals in the GPU market.

For those of you who are not aware, AMD manufacturers both CPUs AND GPUs. In the CPU market they are a direct competitor to Intel and in the GPU market they are a direct competitor to NVIDIA.

It is absolutely phenomenal for AMD to take on two of the most technologically advanced rivals in the market, yet AMD has shown profound results over time.


The Confusion

A budget motherboard often has a single x16 – 16 lanes slot (top) for GPU and another x16 – 4 lanes slot (bottom). This can be used for and extra AMD Graphics Card.A graphics card generally takes up 16 PCIe lanes ideally. All motherboards have a dedicated PCIe x16 slot for installing a GPU.

However when it comes to a dual GPU build, AMD motherboards in the budget range, often offer an EXTRA x4 slot as well.

AMD GPUs can run on an x4 slot, the NVIDIA GPUs cannot. NVIDIA requires at least an x8 slot.

So in short, if you ever want a dual GPU build on a budget AMD motherboard, the AMD CPU + DUAL AMD GPUs would be a better option.

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Final Words

In short, if you are wondering can you use NVIDIA Graphics Card with AMD processor, the simplest answer is a resounding yes.

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There is absolutely no issue with using the two together granted that the rest of the system including the slots, PSU, motherboard and the driver are all good.