The Flash Explains The REAL Reachild Superguy is Faster Supermale may have actually bconsumed The Flash in a couple of comics races, however Wally West reveals the actual reason why the Man of Steel might ever come in initially.

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Some nerd discussions never end, specifically those involving the Scarlet Speedster and Man of Steel. One such theoretical dispute is that would win in a race? Superman or the Flash? While this dispute has actually raged on considering that their exceptionally first race in the comics in 1967, a look back at most of Superman’s previous races through Barry Allen and Wally West suggest the Last Son of Krypton is ALMOST an even enhance for the Flash Family.

While their initially couple of charity races finishing in ties, their 3rd race finished in a victory for the Flash. The adhering to years continued this trend, via Supermale just badepend being able to keep up through whichever speedster happened to be wearing the Flash emblem at the time. But many freshly in Superman: Up In The Sky #4 (created by Tom King with art by Andy Kubert), Clark proves he have the right to outrun the fastest man alive.

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Although King acknowledges that the Flash is theoretically faster than Supermale, as soon as provided a factor to press himself beyond his boundaries, Supes can turbo increase his rate to a level that also the fastest man alive has challenge maintaining up through. In this certain race, Lex Luthor promised to donate a billion dollars to a center for displaced children if Superguy won (Lex calculated the Flash would certainly beat Superman). So does this mean that Superman was actually much faster than the Flash all along? The brief answer is no.

Lex was correct in believing that the Flash is quicker than the Man of Steel, however Superman’s best villain didn’t variable in the one thing that holds ago eextremely Flash—fear. Barry Allen’s successor Wally West described it ideal in The Flash #209, composed by Geoff Johns in 2004. Wally, the acting Scarlet Speedster at the time, was fleeing Superman; and somewright here in between New York and also Maui the Flash realizes that Clark’s momentum snaps the laws of physics and also gravity in half. However before, Wally had actually a one-of-a-kind trick up his sleeve that can have actually easily left Superguy in the dust... however he refprovided to use it.

At this point in time, the Speed Force (the cosmic energy field that pushes room and time forward) was a reasonably brand-new idea. When Wally discovers it to be the power behind the Flash’s remarkable speed, it opened up bold new possibilities for him as a speedster. One such upgrade was the power to siphon kinetic power from various other fast-relocating bodies. To beat Supermale in a race, all Wally would should execute is acquire within close proximity and steal his rate. But doing so would certainly likely be catastrophic—favor throwing the Kryptonian out of a automobile going two-thousand also miles a second. Supermale would certainly be an unstoppable wrecking ball of devastation, unable to control his momentum for miles.

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But also without the rate drain trick, both Barry and also Wally are still technically quicker than Superman at their max velocity. The Speed Force pretty much permits the Flash-Family to outrun time itself, but, running as well fast can also be lethal to them. What inevitably offers Superman the edge in a race (besides flight) is his invulnercapacity. Superman deserve to push previous his limits without any physical backlash, yet multiple speedsters have actually evaporated into the Speed Force after metaphorically flying too close to the sunlight. In a race versus Superman, The Flash may be the clear winner on paper—yet that doesn’t suppose you should automatically area your bets on him finishing in first location, as Lex Luthor humbly learned.