That is a grammatically correct phrase. Whether or not you need to use it relies on your intended definition. The expression "Call me once you are easily accessible to talk" means that you desire someone to call you as soon as their instance permits it. The wording sounds a little formal, but it would be acceptable in simply around any kind of case.

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If you desire to expush that they have to speak to you as shortly as feasible, you would say simply that: "Call me as quickly as possible" or "Call me as quickly as you can".

If your repursuit is not urgent, then you might say "Call me whenever before you gain the chance" or "Call me whenever you can".

It"s likewise worth noting that if you suppose to research that someone return your contact, you would normally say "Call me back".

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It really depends on a variety of determinants, such as exactly how you know the other perboy.

A few various other comments that I hope will certainly be helpful:

It seldom damages to start off such a research through please:

Please contact me once you have actually some time.

As far as the "to talk" at finish goes, that"s a tricky one. In one sense, it"s nearly implied, so you don"t really require it:

Please speak to me once you are obtainable.

I"d most likely leave off the "to talk" through that wording, but if I readjusted my wording, I might be more inclined to leave those 2 words in:

Please call me once you have sufficient time to talk.

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A couple of additional thoughts:

If I want you to me the number of widgets the keep has actually sold this particular day,I could usage “ call me whenever you can”,or among the other shorter, much less formal phrases.

Of course, if that’s all I require from you,I would certainly most likely leave a message saying“ let me recognize how many widgets the store has offered today.”

If I want you to define why widgets are offering so poorlycompared to gizmos, and also to discuss ideasabout what we deserve to carry out to improve (increase) the sales of widgets,I might usage “ speak to me as soon as you are accessible to talk”as a way of indicating that the conversation might be a lengthy one,and you should wait until you recognize that you will certainly be availablefor a longer chunk of time than the “42 widgets” conversation would certainly need.

If there’s a new employee in the storeand also I desire to ask you just how he or she is performing,I might usage “ contact me as soon as you are easily accessible to talk”as a method of indicating that the conversation could be a sensitive one(containing personal information),and also you must call from a location where you have actually some privacy(so your half of the conversation won’t be overheard).

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Whether the over are likely to be applicable counts on the contextand also the connection between the perchild sfinishing the message and the recipient.