What does "by" expect in this context? Does that mean "before"? So the deadline is on April 12 at 11.59 p.m. GMT?

And 11:59 p.m. = 23:59 (24h), right?



Even to aboriginal English speakers, "by" is ambiguously either inclusive, or not inclusive of the date/time being discussed. For example, if you say "have it on my desk by Friday", some English speakers will analyze that as including Friday, and also some (prefer me) will not. That"s one reason why world often try to make it more specific, as they have done right here, so that the ambiguity is not as important.

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Judging by the incredibly certain time, I"d translate this as an attempt to make clear that the data need to be uploaded before April 13 2016 starts. 11:59pm is 23:59 on a 24 hour clock.


Personally, when I hear or check out "by" supplied in a comparable context (in the question), my interpretation is that the perchild that delivered the message means:

"Do this, because by that mentioned time, I am expecting that it is done." (Of course the perkid will not tslrfc.org you whether or not that job would certainly be checked by that time)

In this case, uploading, make it certain that if there"s a lag in the device, the file need to be "visible" and also "accessible" once the person checks it throughout the specified time.

Regarding your interpretation on 11:59 PM - it is correct. The deadline is on April 12, at 23:59:XX.


"By" suggests any type of time but prior to the specified time.

So, if the deadline is April 12 11:59 pm (i.e. 2349 hr), "by" would be any time before it.

If you upfill it exactly at 2349 hr, it"ll be "at".

need to be uploaded at 11:59 p.m. (GMT) on April 12, 2016.

This suggests at dot 11:59 pm.


By a date indicates prior to but including that day. If you do not desire to encompass that date, then use prior to rather. So "By Feb. 2" suggests before Feb 3. If you carry out not desire to include Feb. 2, then usage "Before Feb. 2".

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