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When a teenage vampire slayer also goes to high school, points can get fairly magical.

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Buffy Summers is the chosen one; the one girl in all the human being who can kill the vampires, the demons and also the forces of darkness.

In this installment of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we gain a really excellent look at the “pressures of darkness” percent of the slayer story, and also we gain a glimpse into some of the lighthearted heroic fun that would certainly aid cement the WB hit right into its area in pop culture history.

While the two-part series premiere relied heavily on the show’s fundamental premise, slaying vampires, Joss Whedon takes a sharp left revolve in its follow up episodes wright here he reminds the audience that while Buffy is a kick-ass heroine, she’s additionally a sixteenager year old girl in high institution.

Sunnydale High is a wealthy backdrop for the series. Students and teachers of all kinds attend the fictional hpermitted halls, and some of the more mystical ones current Buffy through the distinct difficulties of balancing her slayer duties through her solid desire to live a normal teenage life.

Part of that normal life requires becoming a cheerleader.

Giles: You have actually a spiritual birthappropriate, Buffy. You’ve been preferred to destroy vampires, not to wave pom-poms at people!

Something starray is happening to the cheerleaders at Sunnydale High. Some are losing their sight, others are shedding their mouths, and also some are on fire…literally. It’s left a few openings on the squad, and also a new mystery for the Scooby gang to settle.

Go into Amy Madison, among Buffy’s classmates that is trying out for the Sunnydale cheer leading squad alongside the vampire slayer. Amy is a bit of a wallflower and we recognize nearly immediately that something is off via her. Her constant remarks about her seemingly overbearing mommy provide major clues right into what’s actually happening to the cheerleaders.

Amy’s mom, Catherine, pulls a Freaky-Friday via her. They’ve switched bodies so that Catherine could recapture her glory days as a cheerleader. Due to Amy’s poor showing at tryouts however, Catherine demands to usage her witchy skills to get rid of a lengthy list of alternates in order to land also Amy a coveted spot on the squad, including Buffy.

Buffy and also her mommy Joyce have actually a parallel story to the one in between Amy and also Catherine. While Amy and also Catherine can’t interact bereason Catherine is complete of selfish ambition, Buffy and also Joyce are having difficulty bereason of Joyce’s attempt to try and start fresh in Sunnydale and also make this move effective.


Joyce is in a state of parental denial, one that we can partially understand because of the context clues we’ve been provided about Buffy’s history in “Welcome to the Hellmouth.” Buffy’s slayer duties are a secret to Joyce, that simply thinks her daughter gets blended up through the wrong crowd.

Joyce finds ways to distract herself in order to avoid seeing the noticeable in front of her: Buffy is naturally a good kid, one who’s really trying her ideal, and what she really demands is to come home at the end of the day to a supportive mommy.

Unfortunately, she’s going about it all wrong, and Buffy is mistaking it for Joyce trying to mold her right into a miniature variation of herself. Joyce finally sits down via Buffy and admits that she doesn’t understand also her. These two can’t uncover a middle ground. It’s a problem that will certainly continue, so lengthy as Buffy maintaining slaying vampires an enigma from Joyce.

Interestingly enough though, this episode DOES note Buffy’s admission of being a vampire slayer to Joyce. Buffy is likewise in the middle of a spell shutting dvery own her body and also Joyce brushes it off as Buffy babbling nonfeeling. Oh, Joyce…the answer was best in front of you!

Elsewright here in “The Witch,” Xander admits to Willow that he has a crush on Buffy. I guess he and also Willow aren’t spending very much time mourning the loss of their great friend Jesse. How close were they, that he is so easily reinserted by Buffy in the expectations of just a few days? Obviously not very.

A Xander and Buffy romance seems prefer a bad principle waiting to occur. First off, Buffy is a slayer. A huguy boyfrifinish would certainly just serve as a distraction from her duties, and also odds are, he’d finish up as bait. And we favor Xander also much to check out him end up in a comparable “bait” boat as Jesse. (Seriously dude, RIP.)

Willow’s jealousy of Xander’s crush is informing. She’s obviously still obtained eyes for her bestie that aren’t going away after the significant Barbie breakup. Luckily for her, Buffy simply sees Xander as “among the girls,” and also with that, we can all let out a sigh of relief that Buffy and also Xander are not going to happen. (At leastern not in the near future.)

Giles is a giddy little bit schoolboy about living on the Hellmouth. His excitement around witches and also magic reminds me of waking up on Christmas morning to uncover a slew of toys under the tree, all through my name on them. Giles quickly procedures right into spell-spreading and reversing Catherine’s spells…it’s virtually as though he’s done it before, though he states that he hasn’t. I’m scratching my head on this one! *wink wink*

This additionally marks the initially time we check out Giles show real worry for Buffy the person and also not just Buffy the slayer. His anger at Catherine/Amy and urgency in reviving Buffy show a bond that feels deeper. His disdain for cheer leading and also cautioning of Buffy’s added curricular tasks show that he’s beginning to care for Buffy past just being her Watcher.

He’s ending up being the parental figure that Joyce can’t be in the superorganic civilization.

“The Witch” is a perfect lighter follow-as much as the vamp heavy start to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It looks prefer Sunnydale isn’t safe day or night.

Pop Into Pop Culture:

Mommy Dearest is a biography of actress Joan CrawfordSabrina is a teenage witch made famous from the Archie comics. (And the TGIF series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which premiered simply a few months earlier.)“Farrah hair” refers to the late Farrah Fawcett’s iconic feathered haircut.“Gidgain hair” refers to the Sally Field’s sitcom about teenager girl, Gidobtain, that likewise had actually an iconic hairreduced of her very own.“Macho Man” is a classical song by the Village People (they also sing the party favorite, “YMCA.”)

Today’s Music Was Brneed to You By:

“Twilight Zone” by 2 Limitless was a club and radio staple in 1997. (Side note: I can remember doing my very own cheer leading program to this tune in the 6th grade.)


When Willow states the Amber is on fire, Cordelia replies through, “UGH, sufficient of the hyperbole!”“If your supreme klutziness out tright here today takes me out of the running, you’re gonna be so incredibly beyond sorry! Have a nice day.”“I’m really sorry you men got bumped ago to different. Hold it, wait… No I’m not!”

Angel Watch:

Angel doesn’t make an appearance in “The Witch.” Perhaps he didn’t feel the must mysteriously present up and also warn Buffy about an angry mommy switching bodies via her teenage daughter?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Re-Watch, wbelow we’ll be looking at Seakid 1 Episodes 4 & 5, and also stating sex and dating in the Buffyverse.

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