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First, to be clear, the only inventories you need to problem around are your weapon, bow and shield stashes. As for the others, your outfits and products will expand immediately, and there is no method to expand also your meals inventory. With that clarification out of the means, let’s talk around what you must execute.

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Korok seed price for each inventory expansion

Upgrade Weapon Stash Bow Stash Shield Stash Upgrade Weapon Stash Bow Stash Shield Stash
first Slot 1 1 1
2nd Slot 2 2 2
third Slot 3 3 3
4th Slot 5 5 4
fifth Slot 8 8 5
sixth Slot 12 12 10
7th Slot 17 17 10
8th Slot 25 25 10
9th Slot 35 - 10
10th Slot 45 - 10
11th Slot 55 - 15
12th Slot - - 15
13th Slot - - 15
14th Slot - - 15
15th Slot - - 15
16th Slot - - 20

The actual process of broadening your inventories is basic enough. You exadjust a number korok seeds for a brand-new slot. The expense of each slot increases as you proceed to expand your inventories (check out the table over for the number each slot costs).

The only catch is that Hestu doesn’t continue to be put.

Finding Hestu

There are 3 places where you’ll accomplish Hestu over the course of the game.

The initially time you accomplish him, he’ll be along the road to the south of Kakariko Village. He’ll remain below until you upgrade your inventory twice.

From tright here, he’ll relocate to the Riverside Stable. This stable is right west of Kakariko Village next to Wahgo Katta shrine. After six more upqualities, Hestu will relocate to his final place.

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Hestu finally provides it house and also you’ll uncover him in Korok Forremainder for the remainder of the game. You can use the Keo Ruug shrine to gain to him for quick expansions.


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