Now thatAmy Schumer went ahead and revealedher"engagement" to Bradley Cooper on Saturday Night Live last weekend, the star has damaged his silence ontheir passionate romance.

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"I believed it was gonna be a secret, yet she just chose to let the cat out of the bag," Cooper quipped onAccess Hollywood.

"I texted through her after," Cooper added, whichis what you carry out through your betrothed. "I was choose, "That was hilarious.""

For Schumer, Cooper has actually always been a resource of comedicproduct."The truth is, I remember I met her and then she was on a talk display and comprised some story that I pretfinished to prevent her," he explained, proving that evenBradley Cooper and also Amy Schumerflirt like middleschoolers.

We wish them eextremely happiness. And have actually our fingers crossed thatthey make a movie about it all in which Jennifer Lawrence plays the maid of honor.

Mattie KahnMattie Kahn is a writer who stays in New York.
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