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Picture this: We’re on our means back from Mexico. I had simply gotten Marshall to sleep after an hour of singing, bottles, peek-a-boo, and also a blow out. I felt prefer I simply won the lottery. I took some time to create out my ideal schedule for the following few weeks. Jonathan peeks over my shoulder and also asks me to share.

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“Well, on Monday, I’m going to go to prenatal yoga, then work for the rest of the day, Tuesday is my day of meetings and also calls, Wednesday I’m going to go dancing and then occupational at a cafe the rest of the day, Thursday morning I’ll have actually some downtime… and so on and so on.”

Then he claims, “Ok, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way…”


“But do you think you have to perhaps go to yoga five days a week, given that you recognize, you haven’t been going that much?”


“I MEAN, you were simply a lot more powerful during your first pregnancy, and also I desire this pregnancy to be basic for you.”

No sh*t Sherlock, more than likely bereason when I got pregnant the initially time I didn’t simply have a baby like 10 minutes earlier. (If you’re brand-new right here, I’m pregnant, which happened when my initially son was 9 months old).

I was livid. And hurt. And felt like I weighed a million pounds.

I just stared at him, told him I didn’t desire to talk about it, and locked myself in the plane bathroom and also cried.

Here’s the deal. Jonathan didn’t contact me fat, to him discussing going to yoga is prefer asking if I was going to get a massage this week, however provided my background through feeling damaging about myself and also equating being told to work-related out via needing to look a certain method, it felt so different than he intended.

And, this wasn’t the initially time we’ve had a variation of this conversation, though it had been a while, perhaps years, it still kills me eincredibly time.

Has this ever occurred to you? And possibly it wasn’t your husband, but a friend, your mommy, or your medical professional. If it has actually, you know the pain, the embarrassment, and the intense anger. I was in that bathroom for a while, deciding just how to deal with this situation because I was clear I never wanted to feel this means aacquire.

Here’s just how I handled it and also what you have the right to do next time you discover yourself in this situation…

ONE: FEEL ALL THE EMOTIONS. I felt shame, embarrassment, and also anger. I was reminded of all the times anyone had ever before commented on my weight favor they were all on the plane informing me how fat I was. I was second guessing wearing my bikini all week, questioning my options to not work-related out 5 days a week. I got little and also sad.

TWO: GET STRONG. After I visited the location of feeling prefer a helpless, worthmuch less ten-year-old girl, I tapped right into my solid inner woguy. I gained earlier into my seat, sat up right, and also looked straight at Jonathan. I talked for a lengthy time and also don’t remember everything I shelp but the power was, “I am awesome, I am doing the finest I deserve to, and my body is my company. Period.” I told him he was never enabled to make a comment around my body (unmuch less it’s about just how gorgeous I am), my weight, functioning out, or food, ever before, for as long as we live. It is my domain, not his. This conversation is off the table. I told him exactly how much he hurt me, just how angry I was and also exactly how he made me feel. Yes, all on the airplane, crying and also speaking pretty loudly. I wanted him to really gain that this was unacceptable.

THREE: UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY MEANT. Now, this is not around excutilizing their habits and making it ok. I believe that world have to never meddle in your health, ever before, unless you are at serious threat of hurting yourself or others, yet I think you obtain that’s not what I’m talking about below. However, knowledge what they supposed will certainly aid you feel better. The fact was that Jonathan was not saying I was fat, nor was he telling me he wanted a trophy wife or that I was lazy (also though that’s exactly how I interpreted it). He was actually just wanting me to feel strong, so I have the right to be comfortable during my pregnancy. Does this excusage the comment? Nope. But it allows me to come earlier to reality. The truth is that our partners need to be sensitive around exactly how certain things make us feel, not just what they intended. Just because they wouldn’t feel hurt if we sassist that to them, doesn’t expect they have actually permission to say what they desire to us.

FOUR: BE CLEAR ABOUT BOUNDARIES  Tell whoever it is in a solid confident voice, “My body is my company. period. You are never before welconcerned cite anypoint about this ever before aacquire, am I clear? If you do, we’re going to have to reevaluate our partnership.” Or something like that.

It’s never straightforward to feel assaulted or shamed by a loved one, also as soon as they didn’t expect any damage and 99% of the time they don’t. It’s ok to be sensitive, this is simply exactly how you are and there’s nopoint to be ashamed of. We all have a background that renders us emotional approximately conversations favor these, and also we have the right to all do work to be more powerful and even more self-accepting, yet that doesn’t expect we can’t collection some healthy boundaries through our partners.

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In the comments below I want to know, have you endure this before? And exactly how you would certainly take care of a situation prefer this?

And if you recognize someone that has struggled with this in the past, I hope you will certainly share it with them by sending an email or making use of the social media buttons listed below.