For K.Flay, what began off as rapping for fun in the time of college at Stanford University has turned into a full-blvery own music career, and is now the first artist signed to Dan Reynolds" (Imagine Dragons) Night Street Records Imprint, and via Interscope Records. The 31-year-old singer/songwriter from Wilmet, Illinois, real name Kristine Flaherty, simply released her EP Crush Me, which features 4 songs -- consisting of her first single to ever before land also on the US Billboard Alterindigenous chart, "Blood In The Cut." She will certainly also be out on tour this autumn in the UNITED STATE and also Canada, which you have the right to learn even more about here.

K.Flay freshly told us about her brand-new EP once she recently stopped by slrfc.orgRadio HQ in New York City throughout an exclusive interwatch. She additionally told us about how she became the first artist signed to Night Street Records.

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On just how she was signed to Dan Reynolds" Night Street Records

"Connecting up through Dan taken place completely unexpectedly. I was out in Nashville functioning on music via a male called JT Daly, that actually I worked on three of the songs of the EP through, and JT"s manager is Dan"s brvarious other. It just so taken place we were gearing up for an independent release, and also then Dan acquired in call via me, and also he and also I began chatting. We"re incredibly aligned in our orientation of music and also creativity, and just how we want to be as civilization, and as I gained to know him and also the method that they run things in his household and vice versa, it was a good friendship and also partnership. I put out this first release through him, and it"s been really cool, because I think he has an knowledge of very high level stuff in terms of being an worldwide commercial crazy popular act, but he"s super in touch through all the DIY aspects of music that are so necessary to me, too. It"s been really great."

K.Flay also revealed the definition behind each song on Crush Me. She defined what each song is about, what motivated the lyrics, and also what they mean to her.

Check out our intersee with K.Flay wbelow she breaks down the definition of her songs on her Crush Me EP below:


Track 1: "Blood in the Cut"

""Blood in the Cut" began as a breakup anthem. I created the lyrics and the riff in 20 minutes, and also I was actually at home for Christmas, so I was in my parents" basement doing that. I was in a somewhat dark emotional location. I composed that, and I instantly felt filled with this vigor that I had previously been missing. And then creating the song, just embracing that spirit of release in the chorus."

Track 2: "Hollylumber Forever"

"I simply relocated to LA about 5 months earlier, and also I had been reasoning about this concept of our image and how we connect via that appropriate currently, because I think it"s exceptionally complex and has never before been this facility ever. And then I was driving down Santa Monica passing this cemetery in Los Angeles referred to as Hollylumber Forever before Cemetery. I was prefer, "That"s a great title for a song." Then I was simply thinking about celebrity and also notoriety, and also how we look at ourselves."

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Track 3: "Dreamers"

""Dreamers" is a song I created for myself, a bit simply as a reminder. I have the majority of friends who are artists and carry out creative things, but I additionally have actually the majority of friends that don"t, and also periodically I look at a more mainstream lifestyle, and I"m choose, "What am I doing? I did it all wrong." I think in order to be creative as your profession, tbelow demands to be a tiny voice inside you spurring you to proceed, despite your own doubts and the doubts of others, and also whatever obstacles may come. That song was me talking to myself saying this life and also your fact is whatever you make it and also it"s whatever you strive for it to be. It"s a reminder to keep dreaming, save going."

Track 4: "You Felt Right"

""You Felt Right" is really simply a storytelling song. There"s not much metaphor or extra meaning. It"s a straightforward point around the development of a relationship that does not work out. But I think at the end, there"s at least a sense of empowerment on the narrator"s side. As a narrator, you have the capability to disseminate stories and tell them the way that you want to tell them, which is sort of cool."