Did you understand that the blessings that God has actually in save for you have actually your name on them and also the only method to receive your blessings is purely by confidence.

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This is bereason faith is favor a car via which all your blessings flow.

The extremely fact that these blessings have actually your name on them suggests that you don’t need to problem as soon as you see various other human being receiving their blessings because your blessings are on their way to you via your name.

Scripture tells us about the story of the first twins to be stated in the Bible, Esau and also Jacob.

Although Jacob already had actually blessings coming to him via his name, he was not willing to be patient and to wait on God so he took it upon himself to gain Esau to market him his birthappropriate over a bowl of stew which Esau possessed as the older boy and also a privilege which provided him the appropriate to a double percent of his father’s inheritance.

Esau decided to put his momentary, physical demands over his God given blessing and also sold his birthideal toJacob (Genesis 25:29-34).

However, the truth of the matter is, Jacob currently had actually blessings that God had in store for him through his name on them.

According to Genesis 25: 23, God told Rebekah,Isaac’s wife while she was still pregnant that theolder would serve the younger.

You watch, although Jacob was younger than Esau, it was Esau that was actually going to serve Jacob which tells us that Jacob didn’t need to seek his older brother’s blessings in the first area becausehe currently had actually his own blessings coming his way allin God’s timing.

Jacob didn’t have to take matters into his own hands to do something which only God can and was about to perform in his life.

He was willing to go to such extremes just so that he could take organize of his brother’s blessing an act that only left Jacob discontented, unhappy and also wanting more because the blessing didn’t belengthy to him inthe initially area and also this caused Jacob yet againstealing Esau’s blessing by tricking Isaac intobelieving that he was Esau by disguising himself as his older brvarious other, Esau Genesis 27:34-40.

However, this all adjusted as soon as the moment came for Jacob to obtain his own blessing from God. The Scriptures tells us that Jacob wrestled via God till he obtained his blessing and also as a token of blessing, God changed Jacobs name to Israel, Genesis 32:24-29.

As a boy of God, you deserve to clearly watch based on scripture that God has blessings assigned to you which is why it is exceptionally necessary for you to:

– Remain confident in the reality that God has Blessings for you with your name on them.

– Believe that God has plans for your life plans to prosper you and also not to damage you, plans to give you hope and a future, Jeremiah 29:11.

– Have confidence in God and in His timing.

– Start seeing yourself the means God sees you.

– Fully understand also that your true identification is rooted in Christ with whom all your blessings flow.

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Isaiah 49:16 states view,I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;your walls are ever before prior to me.