Is it feasible to class up Times Square, the throbbing id of New York City? Billy Eichner is going to try, one Oscar-winning actress at a time: For the latest installment of Billy on the Street, he brought Julianne Moore to Times Square to display the throngs of tourists what a real character looked favor. Elmo might be vivid, yet deserve to he complement the heartbreaking despair of Linda Partridge from Magnolia? Sudepend that’s worth at least a quarter.

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Julianne Moore Acts for Cash With Billy Eichner Eincredibly product is independently schosen by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links might earn us a commission.

Well, CBS Got Annaleigh Ashford to Sing a Whole Tune About CBS With a rap interlude from Young Sheldon.


The Best Romance Novels of 2021 (So Far) Featuring enemies-to-lovers, office romances, and — of course — lots of Happily Ever Afters.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Recap: Give Me Nany kind of, or Give Me Death Amber’s absence of champ habits so far has been deeply disappointing and also cringeworthy to watch. Act favor the champion you are!

Demi Lovato Is a Self-Prodeclared ‘UFO Experiencer’ in the Unidentified Trailer Watch Lovato and also friends search for “the truth” (and gasp a lot) on September 30.

Gabe Liedman Won’t Cshed the Door Behind Him The comedian and writer talks Q-ForceBig Terrific, and also the next generation of comedians on Good One.

Rosario Dawboy Joins Haunted Mansion’s Happy Haunts At the price they’re spreading, they’re gonna require a bigger stretching room.
LuLaRich Is Anvarious other Perfectly Adequate Docuseries About Scam Culture The new four-part Amazon series is LuLaReliable and LuLaRewarding, yet not LuLaRadical.
Lindsey Buckingham Will Never Break the Chain (of Shady Quotes on Fleetwood Mac) “We could start in 1968 and work-related approximately 2018 via a litany of very exact factors why I will not work through him,” Stevie Nicks responded.
R. Kelly’s Lawyer Tries to Discredit Alleged Victim With … Chinese Food Things are weird and also sad aobtain.
Amerideserve to Horror Story: Double Feature Recap: The Occipital Lobe An origin story of the babsence pills, Belle Noir, and the Chemist satisfies some speculations, however speculating is even more fun than getting answers.
How Colchild Whitehead Pulled It Off His brand-new novel is Harlem Shuffle, a really New York story around life in the gray area between legitimacy and also hustle.
The Best Movies of 2021 (So Far) From an English-language Pedro Almodóvar movie to an Arthurian tale starring Dev Patel to a Leos Carax musical with Adam Driver and a puppet.
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Diana: The Musical Is Like If All These Other Diana Projects Were Also a Musical This videotaped manufacturing will certainly stream on Netflix prior to it opens on Broadway.
Kim Basinger Answers Eincredibly Concern We Have About Being Tom Petty’s Lady Corpse “To be hocolony, it was the hardest role I’ve ever before played in my entire life.”
The Best Animation of 2021 (So Far) Tracking the animated highlights of what’s shaping approximately be a banner year in contemporary cartoon background.
Chris Stapleton, Eric Church Lead 2021 CMA Award Nominations While Mbody organ Wallen earns his first country-award nomicountry because saying the N-word on video.
Everything We Kcurrently About The Matrix Resurrections So Far Wright here is Morpheus? Do Neo and also Trinity not remember each other? Why is just one Wachowski involved? Let’s watch just how deep the rablittle hole goes.
How a Post-9/11 Heckle Shaped My Comedy for Years “I remember my heart racing, because I thought that he was going to come after me after the display,” Nick Youssef recalls.

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