I've been looking for a pod for my mom, I want her to quit cigarette smoking and I'm trying to aid, yet I'm not really sure around what pod I should go for. I've done some research study and my conclusion is that I should go for the well caliburn or the smok nord/nord 2. Anyone has actually some suggestions? Thanks in advancement.

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Edit: once I talk around the nord i'm referring to the 1.4 mtl coil


The caliburn has actually a quite "open draw" that is "extremely loose" compared to a cigarette. But the tool itself functions nicely, you have the right to refill the pods with whatever juice you prefer and the majority of pods have actually not leaked for me.

Unfortunately i cannot comment on choices that have a more "restrictive draw".

The new Uwell Crown Pod has actually a super tight draw (it's variable so you can likewise make it extremely loose). I'd recommfinish it for a similar cig experience over the Caliburn.

Honestly. I've only had actually two. The Vaporesso Nexus which is a horrible device. I understand also it was Vaporesso's first foray into the pod system people but damn. I have actually a Novo 2 that I really like a lot. I didn't desire a nord or anything really that you need to adjust the coils and also the pods. I simply wanted to swap pods and also be done with it for a pair weeks. The Novo 2 does this really well. Also the replacement coils are prefer 3 bucks a pack from 8vape. It's a tight MTL draw. I don't usage it all day only as soon as I'm out and desire to be discreet and for about an hour or so after I wake up. I likewise usage it for around an hour or so before I gained to bed.

didn't want a nord or anything really that you need to change the coils and also the pods

Nord. You just replace the coils. In your existing instance, you rearea the pod and also the coils inside it. You deserve to buy 5 coils only in a price of 2 of your pods.

And if eventually you feel choose changing points up, few presses and also you're on it. You can watch the changes on this epic side lcd, Nord 2.

the brand-new Sourin Reno is currently in stock ....its auto draw activated firing(no fire switch prefer the Nords) and moves approximately making use of USB-C(better than older microUSB on all those others) so can be worth considering

yet has actually she tried any vaping tools yet, choose a JUUL or somepoint, as often an extra 'cigalike' kind tool can be a good place to begin for smokers searching for a comparable experience ....the Mimic ecig (for prefilled carts) and also the Porto PCC kit (for a cigachoose you fill) look interesting for that ....

.... the Caliburn is also an inexpensive one to try through most likely the least amount of maintenance, and also has actually a better 'hand also feel' thats kinda favor a cigar

She tried vaping by herself once (didn't ask for my advice) and also tried a a stick v8, which in my opinion was a destructive option for transitioning to vaping.

I quit smoking cigarettes last week. My idea is Nord 2. I likewise bought Caliburn as a result of the hype. But not all smokers want the same, with Nord 2, you can set it up if your mom feels prefer there's as well much taste, there's too a lot smoke, not sufficient of this, of that. You deserve to connumber it, then continue to be via it.

Actually I already have actually it in my shopping cart, I'm waiting for the web page I'm buying it on gets it, rn it states it's in pre-order so I'll wait a month and also then I'll acquire it (I'm not from the states so shit takes for ever to be in stock below, that's why I'm buying it from fast tech)

Recommend you to try moti. I heard human being state that it is camparable to caliburn. This pod is refillable and also not prefilled, 2% or 5% nicotine to select.

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