These days, nail art is high in trend and fashion, and also girls always search for something brand-new to add-on to their looks. Us girls always desire to look attrenergetic. We have the right to view tright here are numerous nail art salons and professionals. Their work is just mind blowing.

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Yeah, it is true that you can’t apply such experienced nail art home, but I have somepoint distinct for you and also I am sure that you girls will love it. How around water marble nail art? I understand many of you have checked out tutorials of this strategy on YouTube and also are rushing to try it. Unfortunately, you might finish up via no result. It even happened with me. I lugged a number of expensive nail paints for this nail art, however no result, just disappointment. It is true that this nail art approach calls for many practice, however at the exact same time, it calls for the right strategy. I am going to present you a step-by-action water marble nail art tutorial.

First of all, you need to collect few things.

A glass or paper cup complete of filtered water at room temperature.Toothpick or orange stick.Two or three various color nail polish.Nail polish remover.Paper or plastic tape.


Now take some filtered water in a glass. Water have to be at room temperature. If you take chilled water, then nail polish will not spreview perfectly. Also, if you take heat water, then nail polish circles will certainly break while you're creating.

Cover your finger with tape. This will assist in removing extra nail polish external your nails. You can likewise usage petroleum gel. Just use it on your finger, not nails. Be certain to clean your nail through remover and also apply white nail polish. It will certainly assist in brightening up the colors of various other nail polishes. You deserve to use fake nails for exercise.

Here is the primary reminder. Add 4 or five drops of nail polish remover in the water. It will certainly aid in nail polish spreading. You can take any type of nail polish in this nail art. The only thing you have to consider is that it should be thin enough that nail polish drops have the right to easily autumn within a 2nd.


Now begin dropping nail polish drops in the water glass. I have taken only 2 nail polishes for ease. You need to perdevelop this step with rate. Otherwise, nail polish will certainly dry up and you will certainly end up disappointed. So speed up!!!


Once you are done with spanalysis nail polish in the glass, you can begin making deindicators via a toothpick. I have a simple trick for this step. Check the image.


Now put your finger in the water. Remember to store your nail horizontal. Otherwise, the outcomes will certainly not be so good and also your nail will certainly not cover the style. Keep your finger in water for few secs and rerelocate the extra nail polish with the toothpick. Take your finger out of water and watch your professional-looking nail art.

You have the right to use a peak coat on your water marble result. It will add shine to your nail art and also have the right to aid make it last long. In the beginning, I would prefer to indicate trying this on fake nails. You can likewise make some trials on a plastic sheet.

If you are fantasized to be trendy and also love nail art, then you must follow these simple tips and attempt this nail art.

I'm just currently gaining right into it , but it looks amazing , so I'm going to keep trying.

Jasfulfill Kaur (author) from India on February 05, 2016:

I use China Glaze.Basically, you require a nail polish that is thin sufficient to put drops in water. New nail polishes job-related great for water marbling. You should check the thickness of nail polish prior to buying it.

swathi on February 05, 2016:

yet what nail polish to use for nail marbling?

Jasfulfill Kaur (author) from India on July 19, 2015:

#manu inspect for an different nail polish brand. As I pointed out in the short article, that for me china glaze nail polishes operated finest. so, try various brands for it.

jasmine on June 09, 2015:

Im going to try this

Jasmeet Kaur (author) from India on May 22, 2015:

examine your nail polish as soon as. Is it thin enough that the nail polish drips fast?

bailey allen on May 04, 2015:

My nail polish marble didn't occupational I supplied opi nail polish and acetone prior to the nail polish didn't move just remained at the bottom

Jasmeet Kaur (author) from India on March 25, 2015:

There is no specific brand. You simply must ask for water marble nail polishes.

piyu on March 23, 2015:

Hii...water marble distinct nail polish suggests .. deserve to u name the brand???

Jasfulfill Kaur (author) from India on February 03, 2015:

Kaili: it all depends upon the nail polish you are utilizing. Maybe you included nail polish thinner in it, that's why it is drying instantly after hiting water. You can likewise attempt including acetone in water before placing nail polish drops in it. Try water marble distinct nail polish. Their formula is designed for water marble.

Kaili on February 03, 2015:

The first time I tried this, it functioned great! Then I tried it a second time and also as quickly as the polish hit the water, it spreview. What am I doing wrong?

Jassatisfy Kaur (author) from India on September 10, 2014:

#amy... many thanks for the pointer. The thing is walmart and also dollar is not available in India. Anyhow, some nail polishes are specially designed for water marble are obtainable now!!

amy on September 09, 2014:

I have actually discovered that the pure ice brand also of Polish from Walmart functions extremely well. And colors from the dollar basic that are a dollar.

Hani for your appreciation :)

Hani on July 10, 2014:

Your tips are fairly beneficial .. Thanksss

Jasmeet Kaur (author) from India on December 19, 2013:

tirath... initially of all, you need distinct nail polish for water marble. If it is not easily accessible in your area then you need to uncover thin nail polishes, those drops autumn quickly. You can examine it. then you can add some thinner in water so that nail polish spreview conveniently. you can try china glaze polish or OPI. These brands job-related easily. Lukily I acquired some local nail polishes those spreview in water easily. Do begin via 2 nail polisg in start and also drop nail polish with a tiny speed.

Tirath on December 18, 2013:

Can u tell me how to put all the nail polish in to the water because I am trying it's difficult please I need ur aid when u obtain my msg please reply as shortly as possible many thanks...

Jasfulfill Kaur (author) from India on November 03, 2013:

thats good :)

divya on November 03, 2013:

I offered doab which is a local nail polish

Jasfulfill Kaur (author) from India on October 13, 2013:

divya Its nice to hear that you succeed in water marble technique. Can you share what nail polish you used?

divya on October 13, 2013:

lastly, i have actually succeed in doing water marble nail art . thanks

Jasfulfill Kaur (author) from India on August 10, 2013:

Sorry we are giving nail art courses but you deserve to checkout our blog We have actually shared many DIY nail art methods those you have the right to create at residence via ease.

We have actually likewise listed some forced DIY nail art products. You can buy them online from ebay India (if you are in India).

divya on August 09, 2013:

is tright here any courses for nail art

Jassatisfy Kaur (author) from India on August 08, 2013:

Luckily I got these regional nail polishes in the sector and they operated well for water marble. Unfortunately, they operated only when. As they were neighborhood, they acquire thick after at some time.

sriya on August 08, 2013:

which nail polish you have actually used

Jassatisfy Kaur (author) from India on August 08, 2013:

Divya I understand it is rather irritating when nail polish execute not spcheck out or it simply dry before making design. Believe I had actually tried countless various nail polish brand and also numerous tries before I acquire the outcome.

Even I dropped the concept of water marble many type of times yet whenever before I watch any type of video on it I get urgue to try it.

First of all, you require thin nail polish. You deserve to attempt with brand-new nail polishes. Do not usage rapid drying nail polish. They will never before work-related for water marble. Also, you deserve to include few drops of nail polish remover in your nail polish and also make it thin enough that drops loss conveniently, however do not add too much nail polish remover.

If feasible attempt to usage OPI, Sally hansen, china glaze or Essie nail polish, they will work-related for sure, yet they are a little expensive.

So, you just have to try different nail polishes. Just make sure they are thin and also brand-new.

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+9++99* on August 07, 2013:

tell fast the reply

divya on August 06, 2013:

it is not spreading why tell me the factor i tried so many time yet it is not spreading

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