Far Cry 4 contains a handsome selection of Signature weapons which are classed as the best weapons in the game. All of the signature weapons must be unlocked before they can be purchased but its well worth the effort because of their deadly statistics and modifications.Further down I"ve listed the complete list of the requirements for unlocking each of the Signature weapons in the game. Activities range from finding blue masks to capturing a large number of Bell Towers. Each weapon has its own unlock requirements with the best weapons having the most difficult unlock path. For example, the awesome Ripper LMG weapon is only unlocked after you conquer 4 fortresses.Signature weapons range from sidearms to SMG"s, sniper rifles and LMG"s. You may not have noticed but there"s significance to the one handed and two handed weapons. One handed weapons can be used while riding vehicles whilst the two handed weapons are more stable but cannot be used whilst riding (or flying). It"s no bad thing to have both a one handed and two handed Signature to suit both situations.Once you meet the requirements for a Signature weapon, simply visit a Trading Outpost and the weapon unlock message will appear automatically. Then it"s down to your cash reserves to get your mitts on the new weapon.

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Gameplay Videos

The video below shows a fortress capture using the Warrior (Assault Rifle) and Rebel (SMG) Signature weapons: The next video shows the Buzzaw LMG which is arguable the best gun in the game:
Signature Weapons List and Unlock Requirements...


K 300,000Unlock: Complete 5 x Hostage Rescue questsWith great Accuracy, Damage and Mobility stats the Cannon is certainly worthy of a second look. Although the unlock requirements are tougher than the other Signature sidearms it"s certainly worth holding out for this one instead. The Cannon comes with an extended barrel, optical sight and a 6 round cylinder.


K 290,000Unlock: Remove one propaganda posterThe Stormer is a two handed SMG with more Range than the Rebel but with lower stats in every other department. It"s a relatively weak weapon especially against any heavy gunners. The price might be cheaper and the unlock requirements easier but there are better Signature SMG"s out there.Watch a gameplay video of the Stormer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpmvpvB-yuA


K 500,000Unlock: Reach Karma Level 6I should love the Shredder but I don"t. This SMG has a stupidly high fire rate with enough damage and accuracy to back it up. It comes equipped with a suppressor, optical sights and extended magazine mods. It"s great for taking on groups of enemies and also some of the light vehicles. Sadly for over 500,000 it"s performance isn"t up there with the other expensive Signatures. The unlock requirements also make the Shredder a tricky gun to get hold of and the rate of fire means you run out of ammo very, very quickly.Watch a gameplay video of the Shredder here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nUcNbStd2o


K 270, 000Unlock: Collect 4 x Mohan Ghale"s Journal entires.One of the cheapest Signature weapons the 87 has less range and mobility than The Bull but it does have a slightly better Fire Rate. The unlock requirements are fairly easy too (even easier with a purchased Map) making the 87 one of the early Signatures you can purchase. It comes with a simple red dot sight modification and is the perfect hunting weapon particularly against Rhino"s.

The Bull

K 305,000Unlock: Complete 2 x Bomb Defusing questsI"m not a big fan of shotguns but for the Arena and Hunting Trips where close combat and mobility are necessary then the Bull is a good choice. As expected from a shotgun it has a horrible accuracy rating but massive damage and mobility.


K 320, 000Unlock: Hijack 2 x Royal Cargo trucksThe Warrior Assault rifle is an easy weapon to unlock early in the game thanks to its accessible requirements which are possible to achieve in South Kyrat alone. The weapon comes with a red dot sight, silencer and extended mags. I found that the Warrior is an extremely stable weapon with medium to high stats. I"d strongly recommend going after this one early to help with Outpost Liberations and Campaign missions.


K 415,000Unlock: Collect 20 Masks of Yalung.A great Assault Rifle, The Trooper has a high Accuracy and Damage rating but suffers slightly from low range. The unlock requirements are quite tough but purchasing Maps from the Trading Posts will help you get to 20 faster. The weapon comes with a red dot sight and silencer.


K 440,000Unlock: Reach rank 10 in the Arena.The Bushman is probably the best Assault Rifle with some really high stats that include maxed out Accuracy and Fire Rate, with high Damage, Range and Mobility stats. The weapon comes with a marksman scope, extended mag and suppressor making the Bushman a great overall weapon in this class. Sadly the unlock requirements are time consuming.


K 300,000Unlock: Complete 4 x Armed Escort quests.A fairly easy weapon to unlock and one of the cheaper Signatures to buy, the Predator is a bolt action sniper rifle with maxed out Damage, Accuracy and Range. It"s powerful stats are dampened by a slow Fire Rate and Mobility rating but both those are expected from a Sniper Rifle.

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K 520,000Unlock: Liberate 23 x Outposts.The AMR is arguably one of the best Signature weapons in the game but it comes at a price. Not only does it cost K 520,000 but you need to Liberate 23 Outposts. That alone requires a considerable amount of exploration. It comes with a high powered scope, explosive rounds (when used at range) and an extended mag. The weapon can easily kill any animal with one shot as well as destroying most vehicles.Watch a gameplay video of the awesome AMR in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moqpdbLJXvY


K 460,000Unlock: Conquer 4 Fortresses.The Ripper is one of the Signature LMG weapons in Far Cry 4. It"s unlock requirements are on par with the Buzzsaw making it one of the last Signature weapons that you"ll unlock and with good reason. It has a maxed out Damage and Fire Rate stat and comes with an optical scope, extended mags and low recoil.Using the Ripper turns any encounter into a one way fight with the enemy facing little or no hope. Its massive power and stability mean that you can take on Outposts and Fortresses single handedly. The only drawback with the Ripper is the cost of ammo.Compared to the Buzzsaw, the Buzzsaw wins hands down. It"s more stable and has tonnes more ammo.Watch a gameplay video of the Ripper LMG here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpmvpvB-yuA


K 550,000Unlock: Liberate 17 Bell Towers.The ultimate LMG!! The Buzzsaw has maxed out Accuracy, Damage and Fire Rate and although its technically an LMG it has all the stability and firepower of a Sniper Rifle. Rambo would be proud to own this gun and I"m sure you"ll be loving it too.It comes with a slightly zoomed optical scope, extended mag and little if any kickback. The Buzzsaw cuts through enemy troops, heavy gunners and gives most vehicles a run for their money. It"s this deadly combination that makes this weapon the best in the game by far and its actually not that hard to acquire once you break into Northern Kyrat.Watch a gameplay video of the Buzzsaw in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeYSI9jFrpM

Which are the best?

The price and unlock requirements can tell you alot about the Signature weapons in the game, but apart from that the mods and general class of the weapon are the deciding factors. Sidearms and Shotguns have their purpose when it comes to hunting and the Arena, whilst the Assault Rifles and LMG"s are amongst the best Signature weapons to buy.Of all the signature weapons I would say that the top 5 are:Stinger - early in the game, great for stealth and spray and pray encountersWarrior - early in the game. great for OutpostsRebel - a trustworthy backup SMGAMR - a super powerful Sniper Rifle with explosive roundsBuzzsaw - the most overpowered LMGThis post will be continually updated...