Best Bows in Breath of the Wild

Below you’ll uncover a malfunction of the 5 ideal bows in the base game, consisting of wright here to uncover them and their strike power and also durability. For a full list of ranged weapons, head over to our Weapons List, which will certainly be valuable for understanding the ideal beforehand game tools rather than the tools below that are acquired in late game.

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Attack Power¶

The better the strike power the more powerful the weapon, interpretation each hit will certainly deal more damages. Some bows shoot much faster or shoot even more than one arrow at a time, however these will regularly sacrifice strike power in favour of strike speed.


The durability of a weapon is decreased eexceptionally time you hit somepoint. Some tools have actually better durcapability, meaning it can deal more hits prior to it breaks. Due to the fact that all weapons except the Master Sword breaks, you should be mindful not to waste your powerful tools on weak enemies. It is valuable to always keep a lower level weapon in your inventory to use on little opponents like Keese and Bokoblins, and conserve your high damages tools for bosses!

Great Eagle Bow

BowAttack PowerDurabilityLocation
28x3 (Shoots 3 arrows at once)60Rito Village

This bow was provided by Rito Champion Revali throughout the fight through Windblight Ganon. You will certainly receive this bow as a gift from Kaneli after you have actually beat Divine Beast Vah Medoh. The bow is pretty long lasting and is additionally a good mid-game bow because of it’s better attack power and also capability to shoot 3 arrows at once. The bow can additionally be remade if you break or shed it, just head over to Harth in Rito Village and also hand also him a Swallow Bow, 5 bundles of Wood and also 1 Diamond.

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Savage Lynel Bow

BowAttack PowerDurabilityLocation
32x3 (Shoots 3 arrows at once)45Hebra Mountains, Hypreeminence Field

The Savage Lynel Bow is effective because it has actually an strike power of 32 however also shoots 3 arrows at as soon as, making it a super strong bow. They are dropped by White-Maned Lynels, Silver Lynels and also Golden Lynels, yet are dropped a little later on into the game as the enemies scale up. The durcapability is on the reduced side meaning it won’t last long and must only be provided for unique occasions!

Ancient Bow

BowAttack PowerDurabilityLocation
44120Akkala Old Tech Lab

This bow have the right to be made at Akkala Old Tech Lab for 1,000 Rupees, 15 Ancient Springs, 10 Ancient Gears and also 1 Giant Old Core. The bow is super resilient and also additionally has actually a high strike power. Anvarious other benefit to this weapon is that it deals raised damage towards Guardian-kind enemies. You can additionally incorporate the Old Bow with Old Arrows to deal extra damages in the direction of Guardian enemies! Perfect for trying out Hydominion Castle and also the bordering area.

Royal Guard’s Bow

BowAttack PowerDurabilityLocation
5020Hyascendancy Castle

Due to the Bow of Light being a boss fight exclusive weapon, this is the strongest weapon that you can usage external of the fight through Ganon. It is found in Hydominion Castle, particularly above the firelocation in Princess Zelda’s Room and inside the Castle’s Armory. The weapons have incredibly low durcapacity however are perfect to use as you make your way with Hyascendancy Castle. This bow deserve to also be shown to Parcy at Riverside Stable to finish the quest The Royal Guard’s Gear. This weapon does regenerate after eincredibly blood moon so even though their durcapability is low, at leastern you’ll know wbelow to discover them next time you want a powerful bow!